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Love & Stitches at The Asylum: Part Seventy-Eight

Happy Saturday! Nonstop storms here, but the worst of them seem to have cleared up. Still, it's always the perfect weather to slip away with the men of The Asylum. Only a few parts left of Love & Stitches, but there's more to come! Make sure to sign up to the Newsletter so you don't miss a thing:   And jump in the group to chat or check out special sneak peeks. Happy Reading! ****   There was nothing like that pure wonder, even if it was directed at something most would consider more than a little disturbing. Noah doubted anyone who got into this line of work didn’t have some interest in the macabre, so the barely contained excitement from Wren wouldn’t be so out of place here. Within these walls, his curiosity wouldn’t horrify anyone. But some encouragement would be needed before he’d open up to someone new. That in mind, Noah moved to Wren’s other side, then glanced at the Coroner. “Will it disturb your work if I touch the…body?

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