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LOVE & STITCHES at The Asylum Part Seven

  Okay, I missed the back-to-back plans by a day, but hopefully it's just in time to brighten up your Monday! Happy Reading! **** PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6   **** There were several things around The Asylum Jared could predict would go wrong without the help of the moon and stars. Conflict between Noah and Lawson? Almost a given. Some kind of strange injury to keep him, Quint, Seth—or all three—busy? Might as well be a Tuesday. But the injured being Avery from falling off his silks? This is new. And...the last thing any of us need. Jaw tensing, Rhodey gave a sharp nod to Dallas’ report, striding past Jared and Dallas into the bar. “I thought we left the dumb ass injuries to the other idiots around here. What’s the issue, my little snake? Did you go and let yourself get sick again?” Exchanging a look with Dallas, Jared left the cigar lounge with him to step up underneath Avery’s perch. Rhodey’s sub sat on a rafter among the fake cobwebs Reed had begun helping W

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