A Little Roughed Up at The Asylum Safe House - Part Three


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Part One

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Tracking two subs with little to no outdoor training shouldn’t be this difficult. Back at the safe house yet again, Quint met Seth’s eyes, shaking his head as his Dom came out at the other side of the treeline.

“Another fucking dead end. It’s like they were walking in circles through the trees, then split up.” Seth raked his fingers through his thick, golden blond hair, glaring at Rhodey who was sitting on the steps, having a leisurely glass of whiskey. “Your men were supposed to be on watch, how the hell did they let Pike and Danny get past them?”

Rhodey’s brow lifted. “Because I told them to.”

That can’t mean... Quint gave his head a hard shake. “Excuse me? Sir, I think I must’ve misunderstood you.”

“You didn’t.” Rhodey stood as Dallas strode out of the woods, expression grim. “How’s he doing?”

Brushing bits of leaves off his hair, Dallas let out a heavy sigh. “Still lost, but Keiran’s got an eye on him. He must’ve given Pike his jacket, because he was wearing one when he left. If we’re judging them on survival skills, I’d say they both need some intense lessons.” He held Rhodey’s gaze for a long moment. “You know I trust you, my man, but I don’t like this. I haven’t seen any sign of Avery in a while.”

Glass tipped to his lips, Rhodey raised his brow. “You know damn well Avery’s trained in much harsher conditions than this and so have you and Keiran. Wren and Jamie went through their paces a time or two, their Doms made sure they could manage on their own. This is no different.”

“Wait a damn minute, you’ve had your men on them this whole fucking time?” Seth looked both relieved and stunned. Accepting the glass of whiskey Rhodey held out to him, he took a few long swigs. “Be nice if you’d let us in on it, rather than have us wandering around the woods like fools.” He handed Quint the glass. “Point us in the right direction and we’ll go round them up.”

The edge of Rhodey’s lips curved as he relaxed back against the stairs, resting his elbow behind him, his black T-shirt stretching over his muscular chest. “They left on their own, they can get back the same way. I made sure they weren’t alone so they wouldn’t get in more trouble than they could handle, but as for exactly where they are?” He shrugged. “I don’t have a damn clue.”

“Then I suggest you fucking get one.” Seth reached for his side holster at Rhodey’s laugh, stiffening when Dallas pressed his Glock to Seth’s temple. Before Quint could go for his own weapon and make things real fucking interesting, Seth motioned with his hand for him to stand down. Kept his focus on Rhodey. “You’ve gone too fucking far and you know it. Neither of those subs has the right kind of training. They’ve been out long enough to be scared. They won’t do anything like this again.”

The front door of the house opened, Jared stepping out, his sharp gaze quickly assessing the situation as he came up behind Rhodey. “What the hell is going on here? Are the boys back yet?” He snapped his fingers at Dallas. “Lower your weapon before I end up having to treat another bullet wound, we already have to ration the goddamn medical supplies.”

Exchanging a look with Rhodey, Dallas holstered his gun at the Dom's nod.

Seth took a step away from them, closer to Quint, half shielding him as he’d once done during volatile situations when they’d served together. “Rhodey fucking let them go off and he’s decided to leave them out there until they find their own way back.”

First, Jared blinked at Seth as though he’d spoken in a foreign language. Then he smacked Rhodey upside the back of his head. “Are you out of your damn mind? You’re leaving Danny out there? I had my reservations when I found out you’d made a claim on him, but this is beyond the pale. Get off your fucking ass and go get him.”

Amusement in his eyes, Rhodey tipped his head back until he was looking up to where Jared stood at the top of the steps. “Do you really think this is an appropriate time for foreplay? Two subs are out there and who knows what might be happening to them?”

“Seth, give me your fucking gun, I’m about to shoot him myself.” Jared started down the steps, kicking Rhodey in the side with his heavy boot as he passed. “Dallas, which direction? And don’t you dare look at Rhodey before you answer or I swear to fucking God I will make you suffer for this too.”

Dallas’ lips thinned, but he jutted his thumb in the direction he’d come. “Danny’s about a dozen yards in. If he listens, he’ll probably hear us, but the last I checked he was pretty turned around.” His expression softened. “I think Keiran was trying to guide him through telepathy the way he kept mouthing and waving that boy in the other direction, while staying out of sight.”

With an unimpressed sound, Jared strode out to the middle of the clearing. He brought his fingers to his lips, letting out a loud, sharp whistle. “Danny! Come this way, my boy! Keiran, you can help him now!”

“Sir!” Seconds later, Danny broke out of the trees with Keiran a few steps behind him. Tripping forward, Danny scrambling back to his feet. A long, nasty scratch cut across his cheek, but he hardly seemed aware of it as he ran straight to Jared and grabbed his hand. “Pike’s trapped and the tide is coming and I think there’s something big in the woods. I don’t know what it was—I could’ve sworn it was an elephant except it’s too cold for them—but if it goes after him it could trample him…”

Next to Dallas, Keiran mouthed ‘Moose’.

Danny gave Jared’s hand another tug, then stopped, shaking his head before Jared had a chance to respond to anything he’d said. He headed over to the wood pile Curtis had neatly stacked. “We need something. Maybe the axe—no, we don’t have to chop his leg off...do we?”

Grabbing Danny’s shoulder, Jared pulled him back, turning the sub to face him. “Slow down. Did Pike fall and hurt himself? Quint, get the kit and some blankets.” He rubbed Danny’s arms. “Tell me exactly what happened and where you were so we can go find him.”

Still panting, Danny looked around. “I don’t know, we just started walking and trying to get a cell signal, but it didn’t work. We reached the ocean. His foot went in this hole on the beach and got stuck under a rock.” His teeth chattered. “I’m sorry. He only left because of me. I thought...I thought I could get Shea and Jacks a message so they’d at least know I was all right, even if they can’t get to me. I know it was wrong. I’ll accept all the punishments, just...please find him. Please, sir.”

Before Quint even reached the door, Wren was there, handing him a rucksack with the supplies Jared had asked for. Holding up a finger for Quint to wait, he slipped quickly and quietly upstairs while Quint slung the strap over his shoulder.

From the kitchen, Jamie called out, “Don’t beat Danny until he has some of this hot chocolate! He gets cold really easily!” He made a sound of affront. “Leave it, Matt! I’ve got this!”

“You’re burning the fucking milk!”

“I am not, I’m making it thick, like soup.”

“Hot chocolate isn’t supposed to be like soup, numbskull.”

Lawson’s voice cut over them both. “That’s enough. Matt, make the hot chocolate. Jamie, come help me gather as many blankets as we can for Danny and Pike’s beds. Then you can lie down with Danny and get him warm. Matt will help you.”

“Sir, with all due respect, I’m using my last swear word of the day to say fuck no.” Matt’s tone had a finality to it. “He’ll fucking hump my leg or something. Disasters make him horny.”

The heavy sigh Lawson let out carried down the hall. “Fine. You stay with Reed, I’ll lie down with Jamie and Danny.”

Quint almost managed a smile as Matt stuttered, speaking in a rush. “If it pleases you, sir, I would like to obey your original order. You'll need to stand guard and the bed's too small for you. Besides, you'll need to get as much rest as you can once the search is over and you won't if you're wrestling with blanket thief here.

“That's very thoughtful of you, my love. Lawson tipped up Matt's chin, rewarding him with a deep kiss. "Danny's lucky to have such caring friends."

Very well played, without being manipulative.

There were times an order might be enough, and others when one needed to be guided to make the right decision so they'd feel the reward of being unselfish, or supportive, or simply useful all on their own. Lawson's ability to read people made him very good finding the right approach.

Not much different than the skills needed to manage a few headstrong mercs. A shame trying to recruit him again would almost guarantee a bullet between the eyes from any member of the core who could handle a gun.

Before long, Wren returned, carrying three neatly packed kits. “I put these together for everyone. There’s water filters, protein bars, matches, tarps...a lot of things to help you survive out there. Just in case.”

“Thank you, Wren. We won’t be long, but things like this are always good to have on hand.” Quint added the kit to the rucksack. “Keep the porch light on. And come up with some lessons for you and Jamie to teach Pike and Danny. Next time they’re put in a position like this? I want them to be able to manage as well as the two of you have.”

Wren nodded. Then shook his head. “We can teach them, but I’d very much like there not to be a next time.”

“So would I.” Hurrying down the steps, Quint met up with Seth as he came out of the shed with a crowbar, a thick block of wood, and a cordless grinder.

His Dom scanned the treeline. “There’s too much fucking ground to cover and Danny getting lost already made it harder to find the trail.” He audibly gnashed his teeth. “The last thing I want to do is ask that bastard for help, but we need more people.”

“I’ll ask him, sir.” Quint gave his Dom a bracing smile, even though his heart was in his throat. At least Avery was with Pike, but wouldn’t he have brought him back by now? From the sounds of it, Pike could be badly hurt. This fucked up training-exercise-slash-punishment had to end at that point, didn’t it?

With Rhodey, it was hard to tell. Either way, he didn’t mind swallowing his pride to spare his own Dom doing so if it meant getting Pike back faster.

Leaving the supplies with Seth, Quint approached Rhodey, who was on his feet, facing off with Jared, both Doms speaking in harsh tones. On the porch, Wren had wrapped a thick blanket around Danny’s shoulders, gently guiding him inside while Danny watched the trees as though praying Pike would run out of them like he had.

Why didn’t I keep a better eye on him? Why did I let myself get so damn tired he was able to get out of that bed without me noticing?

There was no real point in dwelling on his failures now, but the fear and dread building up, weighing on him like cement solidifying inside his chest, wouldn’t help him keep a clear head. He needed to find Pike. Then do whatever necessary to make sure this never happened again.

Stopped a respectful distance from the Doms, Quint lowered to his knees. “Rhodey, if it pleases you to hear me out, sir?” He kept his gaze down, subjugating himself a strange comfort in the midst of so much uncertainty. At Rhodey’s gesture for him to go ahead, he continued. “I’m grateful that you had your sub stay close to protect Pike, but they’re both out of reach now. We need as many men as we can spare looking for them. Could you—?”

“Yes, now get up. Get Curtis.” Rhodey waved Dallas and Keiran over. “Head out in the direction of the beach, a mile North. I’ll take the North East point. Seth, Quint, and Curtis can spread out in between, I doubt they’d have gotten any further.” He glanced over at Jared. “I need you and Lawson standing guard here.”

“About damn time you see reason.” Jared gave Rhodey a long look, then turned his attention to Quint, cupping his cheek. “He’ll be all right, my boy. I know you’ll blame yourself, and nothing I say or do will change that, but just know you won’t be the only one keeping a very close eye on him from now on.”

Quint nodded, steadying his breaths to match his Dom’s, much like he had so long ago during surgeries only meant to stabilize the patients who could be saved, many he knew would die in transport if not on his table. But he had to try anyway. “Thank you, sir.”

Every instinct had Quint wanting to simply run into the trees, calling out Pike’s name, but this mission would take far longer than necessary if not done right. So he forced himself to go inside, to the bedroom Curtis shared with his men.

Seated in a plain wood chair pulled up to the side of the three beds that had been pushed together, Curtis glanced over as Quint stepped into the room. “Did you find him?”

“We’re going to look now. We need to spread out.” Quint held his breath as Curtis looked to Reed, who must’ve been woken during the commotion.

Putting his hand over his Dom’s, Reed shifted a bit, drawing in a sharp breath even as Curtis stood to help him. “You need to go, sir. I...I was really harsh before. Yeah, it really messes with me when you leave and I don’t think that’ll ever change. But I was scared and angry because of all kinds of shit and that wasn’t all on you. I’m sorry.”

Bracing his hands on the pillow at either side of Reed’s head, Curtis leaned down to brush a kiss over his lips. “Some of it is on me, though, sparkles. You’re not wrong, I wanted the training so I could end the hell my family’s put us through. It made me feel better to do something, but it meant I wasn’t there when you needed me. You didn’t feel important enough to even ask me to come back, and that means there’s some trust still broken. Trust that I will fix, even if it means gluing myself to your side until you really believe I’m not going to disappear on you again.”

“After you find your cousin.” Reed trailed his fingers down Curtis’s cheek. “And if you don’t get tired of me being moody and sad and mad all the time. I’m not the boy you fell in love with anymore.”

Curtis rose up a bit, pressing his lips to Reed’s forehead. “Yes, you are. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it right now, but for as long as I’ve known you, you’ve been just as willing to call me on my shit as you were to look at me like I hung the fucking stars. I didn’t ask you to marry me because I wanted just the sparkle. I want it all, and I’m not walking down that aisle with you until I prove it.”

Lashes glistening, Reed gave Curtis’s shoulder a light shove. “Go before you make me cry. Bring Pike back here so I can yell at him, too. I’m gonna kick his ass for scaring all of us if he’s not hurt enough to make me feel bad about it.”

“I like that plan very much.” Curtis straightened, turning to Quint. “Let’s do this thing.”

If nothing else, it seemed like Danny and Pike’s actions had given everyone else something to rally around, mending a few fences. Tall, strong fences the two would have a hard time getting past for the near future.

Along with some good, old fashion chains. Fuck coming off like a Dom, he’d put them on the subs himself if he had to.

But I might have to get in line.

After briefing Curtis on the situation as they made their way out, Quint went to divvy up the blankets and the smaller medkits Seth must’ve grabbed from the SUVs.

“There aren’t enough tools to go around, but if you find him first you’ll be able to stabilize him while Avery heads out to find me. Flares would make this a lot fucking faster, but could also bring the wrong kind of attention, so we just do this quick and dirty.” Seth’s tone was nononsence, his whole bearing more at ease now that he’d regained some control over the situation. “The temperature’s dropping fast, but Avery would know to keep him as warm as he can. The issue will be if the water’s risen enough to cover any part of him.”

Curtis blew out a breath. “And if the water’s high enough to drown him and you won’t get there in time?”

“Make a clean cut and we’ll be able to save the terminal portion of the limb. Hopefully, that won’t be necessary…” Seth headed back to the shed. “Bones can be hard to break through. But these will work.”

Three axes. All perfectly sharpened.

From the look on Curtis’s face, he didn’t want to touch a single one anymore than Quint did.

But Seth didn’t give them a choice. He continued speaking as they headed toward the trees. “This is worst case scenario, but you need to be prepared for anything. The only acceptable outcome is him coming out of this alive.”

And whole. Please let him come out of this whole.

Quint didn’t argue with Seth. Did nothing but nod and take the direction he’d been assigned.

Because his Dom was right.

The mission would be a success so long as Pike was still breathing. So long as he survived.

And Quint got another chance to hold him close. And never let him go.


Part 4


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