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For some reason, waking up from naps anywhere near the core meant having to prepare for anything from a nice, relaxing day, to complete anarchy. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes as Shea climbed out of bed, Danny took in the noise of the house. There were a lot of raised voices, people moving things around.

Are we going home?

“I have a feeling I should have grabbed my shower before I crashed.” Burying his face in a pillow, Jacks looped his arm around Danny’s waist, tugging him against his chest. “Has it been like this every day or did they save it for us?”

Danny burrowed his face in the space between Jacks’ shoulder and the mattress. “It’s been pretty calm, sir. Maybe there was some news on the threats and everything? It would make sense the guys would be excited if we don’t have to stay here anymore. Life can go back to normal.”

Pulling on the army green T-shirt he’d ditched at some point during their nap—Shea loved cuddling, but he said Jacks was like his personal space heater—his Dom shook his head. “I got the impression there was a plan in motion, but I don’t think they’d know if it worked this fast.”

“Okay.” Jacks inhaled slowly, then sat up, bringing Danny with him. He smiled as he smoothed his hand over Danny’s hair. “I can deal with whatever comes next, so long as I have the two of you. And there are no cameras. The exposure for my brand was amazing, but holy fuck, I still see the flashes when I close my eyes. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll take death threats over schmoozing with the papz for some prime time any day of the week.”

Chuckling, Shea leaned in, bracing his hands on either side of them as he kissed Jacks’ lips, speaking against them. “I missed your crazy. And I don’t want you to ever have a reason to take that back. I’ll head down and see what’s up. Take your shower, but make it quick.”

“Hmm…” Jacks brushed his fingers down the back of Danny’s neck, making him shiver. “How quick?”

Shea nipped Jacks’ bottom lip. “Too quick for that. And don’t waste time shaving your balls, I’ll take you however I can get you as soon as we have the all clear.”

That made Jacks snort. “Please. I was in LA. I did manage to spoil myself a little and visit my favorite esthetician. All waxed up, baby. And you didn’t even tell me how pretty I am.”

Groaning, Shea drew away. “You’re a cruel man, now I ain’t gonna be thinking about anything besides running my tongue all over your smooth skin. Danny doesn’t get to do it first. You haven’t heard what a bad boy he’s been.”

Not even reacting to the last, Jacks arched his perfectly groomed brows.

“You’re very pretty.” Shea dipped down to steal another kiss, then cupped Danny’s cheek and kissed him too. “Tell him before I have to, my little mouse. We both know he’ll be more worried than mad, but I don’t want him getting the story from someone else.”

Danny nodded quickly, wishing he didn’t have anything to share that would upset either of his Doms, but knowing Shea was right. It would be better coming from him.

After Shea left the room, Jacks got out of bed, shedding his clothes even as he headed for the attached bathroom, glancing over at Danny with a pleased look when he carefully collected each item and placed them on the counter. He held Danny’s gaze for a moment while letting the water run to heat it, filling the room with steam. “What happened, my boy?”

“I…” Danny tucked his hands in the pockets of the hoodie Rhodey had pretty much given him, which he hadn’t added to the wash because he’d managed to keep it pretty clean and he felt...safe whenever he wore it. The way Jacks glanced down at it with a subtle nod told him his Dom understood. Taking a deep breath, Danny forced himself to continue. “When we got here, I found out you wouldn’t know where I was, or if I was okay, for a while and...I couldn’t handle it. I slipped out with Pike to try to get a message to you. At first, it didn’t seem like a huge deal. It was just a phone call, or a text, then...everything would be okay. But…” The panic of Pike being trapped, of not being able to help him, closed Danny’s throat and made it hard to find the words.

Until Jacks put his hands on his shoulders and brought him closer. “Keep going, my sweet little mouse. I need to hear it.”

“We were in over our heads. Neither of us has ever been anywhere like this. Pike got his foot stuck, close to the water. I ended up getting lost, trying to get back here. The tide was rising.” Danny lowered his head, staring at his socked feet. “Instead of doing what I was told, I put myself and Pike in danger. He almost drowned. Avery too. Because of a choice I made.” He shook his head when Jacks made a soothing sound. “I wasn’t just bad, I was selfish and I’m lucky other people were able to make sure things didn’t end up so much worse than they did. Pike had to have his foot broken to get him out of there.”

Jacks bent down a bit to meet his eyes. “I’m betting Rhodey punished you for it? I don’t love his methods, but he’s more experienced in all this shit than I am. Did it make you feel better at all?” He combed his fingers into Danny’s hair when he hesitated. “I can’t take away the guilt, my love. The whole thing sounds scary and messed up. It also sounds like something I might’ve done if I was in the same situation.”

Wrinkling his nose, Danny shook his head. “You’re smarter than that.”

“Nope. And I don’t think it’s about being smart. I think it’s just dealing with what’s thrown at you, the best you can. Knowing when someone else is in charge and submitting when it’s not easy.” Jacks’ lips curved. “That doesn’t just go for the subs. Even as a Dom, I need to let others take the lead sometimes. And it’s uncomfortable. I don’t always get it right. You got it wrong this time, but you’ll do better.”

There was no question there. Danny took a deep breath. “I will, sir. But...if you want to punish me too—”

Giving him a tight hug, Jacks shook his head. “I don’t. I know Rhodey covered that and I won’t say I’m sorry he did. I’d have been too relieved to get you back safe to even consider it. He gave you what you needed. It’s not a complete fix, but it’s something. The rest will come.”

His Dom having faith in him, in how the situation had been handled, made it easier to let go, if only a little. Sitting on the closed toilet while Jacks showered, Danny let himself be distracted with talking about what else had happened while they’d been apart. Things at the club with Paris. Meeting Stephan, playing with Koda and Bram. The rivalry growing between the raven and Jamie’s cat.

With a light laugh, Jacks came out of the shower, grabbing a towel to dry his hair. Every inch of him had a golden sheen from his tan, like he’d carefully basked in all the sun he could, maintaining his muscles with regular exercise, his skin soft and smooth, the remnants of a life he’d left behind in the parts he’d decided to keep. He was stunning, still every inch the model he’d once been, but now that vision of perfection wasn’t for just anyone to consume.

It was for himself. For the men he loved.

And Danny soaked him in, the physical beauty so much more than skin deep. Jacks was a man who’d outgrown what so many had seen for him, leaving the worst of that world behind. His creativity, his pleasure in creating something that he could share, went beyond what could have been so easy and shallow.

The things Jacks made reminded Danny of his own music. Only it was with fabric. Something that could be touched. Held.

“You make me feel really special when you look at me like that.” Jacks picked him up, carrying him to the bedroom and sitting him on the bed. He opened his suitcase and got dressed in one of his more casual outfits, a soft, light gray cashmere sweater with a zipper at the high collar and a pair of faded black jeans. “And honestly? I don’t give a fuck what’s going down. I know Shea would tease me and say I’m a sap, but I mean it. We’re together. Everything else? We can get through it. We always do.”

Danny gave his Dom a soft smile, grinning as he added a stylish leather jacket to his ensemble. There were a few fireplaces in the house, and it had electricity, but no electric heating, which meant it was often on the cooler side. He’d mostly adjusted and was fine with just a hoodie—inside, anyway—but Jacks liked to be nice and cozy. “We apparently have to ration the food, so we don’t go through it too fast, but Keiran’s still making tons of great stuff. He made a butternut squash soup for lunch along with challah and ceasar salad. I bet there’s still some left if you want?”

Making a sound like he’d been offered a blowjob instead of a late lunch, Jacks tugged Danny to his feet, then slid an arm around his shoulders on the way out of the bedroom. “You’re speaking my language. All those fancy restaurants I went to and I swear, every meal I was thinking how Keiran would make it better.” He lowered his voice, giving Danny a thoughtful look. “So, this being Rhodey’s sub thing...does it come with all access, because I’d totally hit that.”

Face going hot, Danny ducked his head against his Dom’s chest as they started down the stairs. “I don’t know, sir, Rhodey’s pretty possessive.” He brought his own voice to barely a whisper. “You and Keiran would be really sexy together, though.”

A few minutes later in the kitchen, Jacks gave Keiran a slow once over, a slanted smile on his lips. “Hey, you. I hear you’ve got something tasty to offer me. If it’s not too much trouble—I’ve been roughing it for the last few days.”

Keiran shot Jacks a knowing look, eyes sparking with a playful light. “Having you and Shea around again is gonna be fun. Maybe you can remind the other subs what the good kind of trouble looks like.” He dipped a spoon in one of the pots on the stove, blowing at it as he came over, then held it to Jacks’ lips. “Tell me how much you like it, sir.”

Sliding his lips around the spoon, Jacks held Keiran’s gaze. And made that sound again. “Oh, that’s good. Bring me some more, my boy. Along with whatever else you’re willing to serve up.”

“Just food.” A slight edge to his tone—only him not having a knife in his hand and his smile making it a bit less scary—Avery slid up behind Jacks and Danny. “It’s good to see you, sir.”

Hands going up, Jacks grinned at Avery. “We’re just playing. You know I wouldn’t go any further without checking in with your Doms.” He nudged Danny with his hip before taking a seat at the table. “Go find me a pen and paper. I should probably make the request in writing.”

With silent steps, Avery moved up against Keiran, slipping his hands into the back pockets of the other sub’s snug jeans, casting Jacks a considering look over his shoulder. “Only if you think you can handle both of us, sir. I haven’t gotten to see Keiran in days. Rhodey said I can be greedy.”

Arms going around Avery’s waist, Keiran brought his lips in close. “You look like you’re feeling better. Are you going to be on watch or can I be greedy, too?”

“I feel perfectly fine, but Rhodey and Seth want me to rest for a bit longer.” Avery huffed, flicking his tongue against Keiran’s bottom lip. “Rhodey almost decided not to go out himself, which was...I mean, I loved having him with me all this time, but him not being able to do his job because I was sick for a bit? That’s just wrong. He was more reasonable when I pointed out you were staying back and you’d take good care of me.”

Lifting Avery up, Keiran looped the other sub’s legs around his waist. “You’re damn right I will. I might even pull a Quint and feed you if you’ll let me.”

Avery made a soft sound of contentment. “I could live with that. But only if I get to be the ‘Top’ after.”

“You mean ‘on top’.”

“Yeah, that too.”

Hooking his arm around Danny’s waist, Jacks pulled him into his lap, letting out a quiet laugh. “We need to get back to the club, I’m totally off my game.” He slid his hand under Danny’s hoodie, fingertips skimming his bare chest. “I guess I’ll have to focus on reality now and stop pretending things are normal. Do you have any idea why we’re on high alert?”

Footsteps so quiet, Danny wouldn’t have caught them if Rhodey hadn’t been practicing with him on listening very carefully for the slightest sound, or even a shift in the air, Wren and Jamie came into the kitchen. Dressed in a huge, dark blue housecoat, Jamie plunked down on a chair while Wren went to put on the kettle.

Toying with his tongue ring between his teeth, Jamie gave Jacks a warm smile. “Reed’s getting his surgery scar fixed up. Quint didn’t feel comfortable being all focused on that and not on security, so all the available manpower is…” His smile faded as he looked toward the dining room. “Sir, you can’t go out there, you’re still recovering. And...Ezran? Seriously?”

“That’s enough, little cat.” Noah stepped into the kitchen, Ezran at his side. He double checked the clip on the gun in his hand, then passed it to the young man. “Ezran has the training, and I can still be useful. I’ll be sticking close to the house. Rhodey wants the extra layer of protection.”

Shoving off his chair, Jamie threw his hand up in the air. “Does everyone have to do what he fucking says? We’re out in the middle of nowhere. The point of a safehouse is it being safe.”

Avery’s jaw hardened. He whispered something to Keiran, then slid from his arms.

Noah crossed the kitchen, combing his fingers through Jamie’s soft, white hair and tugging lightly. “We will discuss this later, my boy. For now, you will stay here with Wren. Understood?”

A few steps behind his Dom, Wren met Jamie’s eyes, shaking his head when Jamie looked like he might continue to argue.

Exhaling roughly, Jamie spoke through his teeth. “Yes, sir.”

“Good boy.” Brushing a kiss over Jamie’s lips, Noah smoothed Jamie’s hair back, then straightened, facing Avery. “Stand down. He’s allowed to have feelings about this.”

That got Noah a cold look, but Avery simply inclined his head. “Of course, sir.”

Not breathing again until Noah and Ezran left through the back door, Danny laced his fingers with Jacks’. As the door shut, he shifted his focus to Jamie, giving his best friend an encouraging smile. “He looks like he’s got his sight back, that must be a relief? And...you know Rhodey wouldn’t have him out there if he wasn’t okay.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Standing in the doorway, arms folded over his chest, Matt let out a bitter laugh. Dampness darkened blond hair fell over his eyes. “This is what we’re doing? Making the popstar feel better about this whole situation?” He shook his head. “Fucking typical. Reed’s going under the knife, Lawson’s out there making sure we’re all safe when he’s the one with the target on his back, me and Danny were grabbed by the fuckers still after us all, but it’s him that gets to be all emo about shit?”

Jacks squeezed Danny’s fingers, then slid him off his lap, setting him on the chair as he stood, then stepped between the two subs. “Everyone needs to calm down. The situation’s being handled. It’s just a precaution.”

Ignoring him, Jamie glared at Matt. “I’m not getting ‘emo’. Noah was shot protecting Lawson—or did you fucking forget that because it gives you one less reason to hate him? What Reed’s going through is rough, and it’s admissible and all, but he chose to donate his liver.”

Eyes pressed shut, Danny mouthed ‘admirable’, knowing that was what Jamie had meant, but as upset as he was, the man had mixed up his words. Hopefully, Matt wouldn’t use that against him.

Turned out, he didn’t need to. He had more than enough ammunition.

Rage flashed through Matt’s eyes as he strode forward, only Jacks blocking him keeping him out of reach of Jamie. “You fucking asshole, do you think he’d be going through any of this if not for you? You got the press on him and brought his father back into his life. You make sure he regrets ever meeting you so often, I don’t know how he can stand to look at you. And as for Noah taking a bullet for Lawson? How many times has he gotten hurt because of Noah? He’s risked his life to help him. And you. And I still can’t figure out why he bothers.”

Before Jacks could block him, Jamie nailed Matt in the mouth with a solid punch, showing his time in the ring, practicing with Noah, had paid off. Matt let out a rough sound, twisting free of Jacks and tackling Jamie, chairs hitting the floor as they both slammed into them.

“Enough!” Keiran jutted his chin at Avery, who skidded across the kitchen, grabbing Matt even as Keiran restrained Jamie. “This is a really bad time for you two to start on each other. Wren, get the medkit, Matt’s bleeding.”

Wren froze a step away from Jamie, looking from him to Matt before shaking his head. “Keiran, you can’t ask me to do that. He… Matt…” He inhaled roughly. “I love Jamie. And Noah. I won’t help someone who tries to hurt them.”

“I don’t need your fucking help.” Matt struggled to free himself from Avery’s hold, not getting very far. Blood dripped down his chin, onto the front of his white dress shirt, which was big enough to be one of Lawson’s. “With friends like the two of you, who needs fucking enemies?”

The thunk of Pike’s crutches stopped just past the threshold, his eyes widening as he took in the scene. “Whoa… What the fuck is going on?”

Letting out a rough laugh, Matt turned his glare on Pike. “If I were you, man, I’d sit down and shut up. None of us has forgotten who signed that check. I’m tired of playing nice with entitled assholes who won’t take responsibility for anything.”

“Oh yeah?” Pike sucked his teeth, his gaze going over Matt like he was measuring his chances. “How’s your brother doing, my dude? Living the sweet life now? You wanna go in on who our friends are, you might wanna pay more attention to who he’s keeping in touch with. Or is that not your problem anymore?”

“Don’t fucking go there, Pike, I swear to God—”

Avery put a bit of pressure on Matt’s arm, which was still twisted behind his back. Tone mild, he shot Keiran a sideways look. “Maybe you should put on some tea.”

The look on Keiran’s face said he was very tempted. “I hope I won’t need to.” He lifted Jamie off his feet when he looked ready to lunge again, then sat him on a chair. “Stay there.” He turned to Wren. “You know how things get. Everyone’s stressed. Matt doesn’t mean it, he’s just—”

“Like hell I don’t.” Matt grunted as Avery leaned into him. “Fucking uncle, you bastard!”

If Danny didn’t know better, he’d think Avery was enjoying himself.

On second thought…

He probably was.

“Danny, remind me to get Shea to teach me how to shoot.” Raking his fingers through his hair, Jacks looked from one sub to the other, like he was trying to figure out how to regain some sense of order. “Go get me the medkit, little mouse. I might not be a doctor, but I’ve been in enough fights that I can deal with a bloody lip. Avery, stop tugging at his arm before you dislocate it, I can’t fix that. And all of you? I don’t want to hear another damn word.”

Biting back a smile at the way Jacks’ firm tone had every single sub in the room settling down, Danny darted into the living room to grab the medkit. A lot of the time, both Jacks and Shea saw themselves as less imposing as the other Doms because they didn’t have the same kind of experience, but he didn’t see them that way.

They made him feel his submission. He could give up control to either and it was...so right. When they’d started exploring puppy play, it had become even more clear there was no limit to how much he could surrender and trust that they had him, even if there was still so much to learn.

A hard settled on his shoulder, making him jump.

Jared gave him a level look, glancing down at the medkit. “How bad is it, my boy? We could hear the shouting, but we’d hoped it wouldn’t go too far. From the looks of it, we were wrong.”

“It was…” Danny tugged at his bottom lip with his teeth. “Rough. For a bit. But Jacks is handling it, sir.” He met Jared’s eyes. “He’s a good Dom.”

A small smile curved Jared’s lips. “I know, my little Despereaux. If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t have let him keep you.” He pressed a kiss to Danny’s forehead. “If there’s any more trouble, tell my boys I expect them to behave in a manner befitting any sub of mine and Noah’s. It may be a good reminder for the others what’s expected of them as well.”

Even as the words left Jared’s mouth, similar ones could be heard from Jacks in the kitchen. It sounded like he was pacing and reading all the subs the riot act.

Then there was something else.

Danny’s lips parted.


“Hey, Tommy. Now’s a bad time.” Jacks let out a soft laugh, glancing over as Danny approached the doorway with Jared. He held up a finger. “Sure, I’ll take a look at it. Just shoot me an email.” Hanging up, he gave Jared a grateful look. “Thank fucking God. I got things calmed down a bit, my man, but I think they need someone a bit more hardcore. Could you—”

Snatching the phone from Jacks’ hand, Jared shoved it toward Wren. “Why do you still have that, Jacks?” Not letting him answer, his gaze snapped to Wren. “You’d blocked Danny’s attempts to get a signal. How did this get through?”

Face white, Wren stared at the phone. “Rhodey knew what Danny was trying to do, I was set up for it. I’ve been working on cutting off Lawson’s father’s funds so he wouldn’t be able to pay anyone… I was supposed to be the only one able to...my signal is untraceable. This one isn’t. His phone should have been taken before he got here.”

“Avery, go find Rhodey and let him know. Keiran, go with him.” Jared snapped his fingers at Matt when he looked ready to bolt. “Stay where you are, my boy. Rhodey will know how to handle this. If you go out there, you could expose Lawson. Or put yourself right in the hands of the people who are after him, and I know that’s the last thing you want.”

Jacks pulled Danny close, a stunned expression on his face. “It was one phone call. They couldn’t find us this fast? Jared, I swear, I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have—”

Holding on hand up, Jared looked to Wren, who nodded before hurrying out of the room. Then he pressed his eyes shut. “They could. They were waiting for us to make one mistake. It’s not your fault, but that doesn’t matter. The timing is perfect. For them. We can’t leave. Reed’s in the middle of surgery. I should be with him.”

“Yes, you should.” Jacks squared his shoulders. “I have this, my man. Our boys are tough. They’re part of The Asylum core. And the men out there are some of the best we’ve got. I think everyone just needed a reminder of who we are. Who the real enemy is.”

Jamie came to Danny’s side, tugging his wrist. “I know you don’t like blood, but can you help me take care of Matt’s lip?” He took the medkit and put it on the table, giving Matt a sheepish look. “Sorry about that. You pissed me off.”

“Same, but...yeah. I’m sorry, too.” Matt held still as Jamie took out some gauze and pressed it to his bottom lip.

Eyeing them, Jared clapped Jacks on the shoulder, then headed back to the makeshift OR.

“I didn’t mean what I said about your brother.” Pike scuffed his cast against the floor, hunching his shoulders. “I mean, I was worried when I heard shit around the club, but I was an asshole for shoving it in your face like that. I’m sorry. I just… You’re right. This is on me.”

Matt huffed out a laugh. “Lawson would say it’s a bad time to play the blame game. And we’ve all done shit we regret.” He stilled as Danny passed Jamie a gauze covered in sterile solution, and Jamie dabbed at his lip. The bleeding had mostly stopped, but his lip was puffy, so Danny went to get some frozen peas from the fridge. “Curtis made sure everyone understood why things went down the way they did. I get it, I was just...really mad.”

The sound of gunshots in the distance killed the conversation. Danny clenched his fist around the peas. Shea was out there. Rhodey. Noah. Lawson. So many people they all cared about.

Who could handle themselves, but like all the doctors who needed to focus on the surgery, they needed to know everyone here was safe so they wouldn’t be distracted.

We need to...hide the safehouse.

Danny shoved the peas at Jamie, then turned to Jacks. “We need to get all the lights off.”

“That’s a good idea.” Jacks reached out and flicked off the kitchen lights. “I’ll get the ones upstairs...” He rubbed his hand over his mouth. “The room they have Reed in...we can’t turn those off.”

Pike’s eyes lit up. “But we can cover them. The purple paint we used for Stephan’s room. That could work.”

Nodding slowly, Jacks took a deep breath. “Yes, but it wouldn’t be safe to use that near him right now.” He snapped his fingers and grinned. “But I brought a bunch of fabric that might work. If there’s duct tape, it could be done fast.”

“Noah has some.” Jamie helped Matt bring the frozen peas to his lip. “He’s been practicing with me on how to get out of it. I don’t try very hard, it’s fun to be caught.”

“Disaster slut.” Matt let out a soft laugh, taking the sting out of his words. “Thank God for practical Doms. Kink keeping you alive.”

Like he always did when he was nervous, Jamie found a way to bring in some music, humming ‘Stayin’ Alive’ under his breath.

After finding the duct tape in Noah’s luggage, Danny went to the OR bedroom, helping Jacks cover the windows, the three doctors ignoring them, as though their actions were nothing out of the ordinary. It didn’t take long before the safehouse was shrouded in darkness.

The shooting hadn’t stopped, but it came in small bursts.

Back in the kitchen, Danny crawled under the table, needing to be somewhere completely out of reach, even if it was only an illusion. He refused to freak out. Refused to do anything that would have Shea or Rhodey or anyone else focused on him instead of the danger they faced.

His eyes burned as he pressed his back against the wall.

A presence at his side started him.

Matt squeezed in beside him, holding a small candle, cupping his hand over it to hide the light. “I’m never asking you why you do this again.”

“I figured it out a long time ago.” Jamie scooted in at Danny’s other side. “It wasn’t really my thing, but...I had to be out there. But sometimes...it was nice.” He took Danny’s hand, resting his head on his shoulder. “Disappearing with you, if only for a little bit.”

The table creaked, Pike’s voice coming from above. “It’ll be good for you guys to be out of sight. If they’re coming for me instead of Lawson—”

“Or me.” Wren sounded a bit further away. “Then...they’ll stop.”

Jacks made a gruff, irritated noise. “Sure, because they’ll leave witnesses. And we’ll all just sit back and let it happen. Both of you, get under the table. Let’s stop pretending we’re not in this shit together. We love people who are mixed up in things and...we decided they’re worth the risk. That’s love. Real love. Every single one of us had a dozen chances to walk away and we didn’t. Ride or die and all that noise. Now shut up.”

With that, Danny’s hiding place got even more crowded.

But it made him smile, even as fear tried to take hold.

Across the dim candlelight when Jacks tucked in with them, his Dom met his eyes with a kind of resolve Danny had never doubted he’d find there.

Maybe this wasn’t the life he’d have chosen. Not at the beginning.

But he’d meant every word.

This was what love meant to him. And the way he’d laid it out?

Every man with them realized…

It's what it means to us all.



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  1. "Disaster slut" .... "Kink keeping you alive" ....OMG too funny!

    So glad Jacks and Shea are there for Danny now!

  2. Those Doms better be kicking some serious butt out there, but yay the Sub riots ended peacefully!

  3. I knew bad things would happen as soon as Danny heard that ringing 😫 Room under that table for one more?

  4. This made my heart happy. In the midst of disaster they acknowledge what really matters

  5. I love sub summits, there always so full of passion!

  6. I'm so happy Shea and Jacks are back. I can't stress that enough. They just make it so much better for Danny.
    That sub fight was intense lol way to go Jamie for getting in a good punch. That was unexpected :)
    I hope they are all okay.


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