Double the Heat Brewed by The Asylum-Part Three



Was supposed to post this yesterday, since the little's appointment was scheduled for today, but I had to cancel because my French is rusty and I didn't realize the racetrack was only open for bikes! Next Sunday it's open for cars, so we'll be going with my father then. I feel horrible for her, but grateful that the Quebec gouv is doing such a great job with the vaccine roll-out now.

In any case, now that that's all cleared up, here you go!

Also VERY NSFW, but hopefully some of you have a nice long weekend!

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Part 1

Part 2


“You’re in so much trouble.”

For a second, Matt wasn’t sure if Reed had whispered that out loud or if he was just thinking in the other sub’s voice. He huffed out a laugh as he glanced over to where Reed knelt on the bed, the dimples on his cheeks showing it was probably the former.

Then Curtis confirmed it by giving Reed’s thigh a sharp smack. “Quiet, boy. This is a serious matter.” The amusement in his eyes contrasted with his words as Reed shifted his hips, his already fully erect dick twitched with the contact. He looked over at Lawson, his lips slanted. “Got him all nice and ready for you. You can thank me later.”

“You can count on it.” Lawson rested the paddle against Matt’s ass, stroking his palm down his spine until the tension he hadn’t realized he was holding melted away. “There we go. You’ve been working hard, my boy. I know when you act out, this is what you’re begging for.”

Panting, Matt shook his head. “I’m not acting out, I was just… Okay, there was the swearing. And what I said to Curtis…” He shifted his hips. Yup, he was in trouble. Not exactly the good kind, but...not bad either. The kind where Lawson brought him away from that space in his head where he started spiralling into uncertainty and fear.

But the journey always began with the same kind of resistance he craved Curtis taking from him. With the hope Lawson wouldn’t make him choose. And the kind of pain he hated. And loved. And…

“Count for me, my boy.” Hand trailing down Matt’s spine one last time, Lawson straightened. The paddle came down with a jarring SMACK!

Bracing against it had him tightening around the thing in his ass. One of the bigger butt plugs, from the feel of it. The sensation sent a wave of pleasure over the throbbing heat. He jerked against the mattress, tugging at his wrists.


Another smack, this one harder, and Matt moaned as pre-cum cooled on the tip of his dick when his back arched. The plug felt like a huge dick in his ass, not moving nearly enough until the paddle connected and his own body gripped down.

Then it was more than enough.

And from the smirk on Curtis’s lips as he sat beside Matt and lifted his chin with the edge of his fist, he knew it.

But he didn’t say a word.

“Two, sir… Ah!” The third came without warning, sweat breaking out over Matt’s skin, the heat covering his ass with its own pulse. “Three.”

How many more was he going to get? Lawson hadn’t said. He always said when Matt was taken aside to be disciplined, but this wasn’t the same. Tipping his head to one side, he sought out his Dom.

Lawson brushed a soothing hand over his ass. “You will take two more for me, my boy.”

The end in sight he’d wanted suddenly seemed too close. Just five? That couldn’t be right. His eyes burned as he shook his head. Had he done something to make Lawson think he couldn’t take more? This didn’t make any sense.

“Sir, please…” Matt inhaled roughly. “Please, I can take as much as you want me to.”

Brow creasing slightly, Lawson studied his face. Understanding filled his eyes. “I know you can, my love. You can take so much and you will. From me. Then Curtis. Once we are done, we’ll enjoy you. You’ll feel this for some time.”

Oh...all right, that’s scary and...kinda hot.

His blush felt hotter than his ass. “ the sound of that, sir.”

“Good boy.” Lawson’s tone lowered, with an edge of warning. “We will add another strike for the interruption. Count.”

It was rare that Lawson changed anything in the middle of a punishment, but the man was damn good at seeing exactly what Matt needed, even when he couldn’t quite figure it out himself. The next three strikes were hard enough he had a feeling they’d leave bruises.

Bruises that would remind him of tonight all week.

He wasn’t big on pain, but the marks, the reminder of his surrender, was something he loved holding on to.

Now it was Curtis’s turn to make sure he did.

Except, he didn’t take Lawson’s paddle.

The falls of the flogger were deceptively soft as they caressed his skin. He shuddered as Curtis trailed them between his thighs, the touch light, but the potential for a whole lot of pain if they hit his balls keeping him very still. The sweeps across his thighs, over his ass, then up to his shoulders were a tease. Got more intense, his nerves tingling as Curtis increased the speed and the pressure.

In an elegant figure-8, the falls whooshing through the air, his Dom lit his skin on fire. There was no counting, only a quiet sob of relief as Matt’s emotions cracked open. He clenched down on the plug, but didn’t come. The edge he fell over was the one he clung to when he had to get through every day, his ambition and his fear of failure crossing all the wires in his head.

Between them, his Doms had managed to untangle it all and bring him somewhere new.

Somewhere light and floaty. How being high must be like. much more wonderful.

The plug was eased out of him and he moaned at the emptiness. Tugged at his wrist, not sure why they wouldn’t budge. His breaths came in little bursts as he was lifted onto the bed, adjusted on his side.

Cupping his cheek and turning his head, Lawson kissed him over his shoulder, his mouth, his tongue sweet and hot, a touch of mint, the dark chocolate he indulged in only one piece of every night—maybe because he knew Matt loved the taste of it, but only on his lips.

Still kissing him, he lifted Matt’s thigh. Fingers that weren’t his pressed in deep, slicking him up. Two, then three, fucking him until he whimpered at the onslaught of overwhelming pleasure. A mouth covered his dick, taking him in to the root.

He could sense the smile, the teasing flick of a tongue that could only be Reed. His fingers weren’t as thick and calloused as Curtis’s, or long as Lawson’s, but they were just as good at torturing him.

When they slipped away, Lawson replaced them with his dick, driving in hard, his hand on Matt’s chest holding him in place to take the full impact. Crying out, Matt tipped his head back.

Curtis’s fingers raked into his hair as he positioned his dick close to Matt’s lips. “Careful for those teeth, boy, or I’ll get the ring gag.”

For a second, Matt almost asked him to, but it was a challenge and he didn’t want to shy away from it. A slight nod was all Curtis needed before taking his mouth, fucking it in the steady rhythm he found with Lawson.

Pressure everywhere, the kind of bliss he almost wanted to escape because it was so all encompassing, Matt slid deeper into the pleasure induced haze. Lawson slammed into him, sweat slicking their skin together, the way his Dom’s pelvis hit his ass bringing all the bruises he’d left there to life.

Pistoning in and out, Lawson lifted his thigh up higher. Whispered in his ear. “Don’t you dare come, yet. You will hold back for me. Take only what I give you.”

Which was...everything. Muscles tensing, Matt gasped as Curtis eased back and Lawson drew out, then stretched him open again. At the base of his spine the pressure was like a fist around a grenade, with the pin already pulled.

High and clearly losing his mind, Matt laughed, relieved that Lawson smiled at him even as he continued fucking him. But his gaze was questioning.

“I spend too much time around mercs.” He licked at the sweat over his lips, catching his breath, his voice hoarse. “Boom!”

Chuckling, Lawson kissed his neck. “There we go. I love seeing you this happy and relaxed. Now take Curtis’s greedy dick in your mouth and drive him out of his mind before Reed and I can do it to you. Show him how tough you are.”

Another challenge, the fun kind that would make it a bit easier to restrain himself while he was getting fucked out of his head. Reed had lifted his head to watch the exchange, determination flashing through his eyes before he wrapped his hand around the base of Matt’s dick, licking him like one of his favorite lollipops.

“Like fuck am I losing this one. Greedy my ass.” Curtis tightened his grip on Matt’s hair, tapping his dick against his lips. His smile slanted as Matt flicked his tongue over the head of his dick. “He wants it so bad, though. God, I love this fucking mouth.”

“Mhm.” Lawson ground in deep, even the slower pace keeping Matt hovering right near the brink. “It looks even hotter, full of your dick.”

Lawson wasn’t big on dirty talk, but he seemed to use it more when he got in the mood to play Curtis’s games. With the right flex, he could retain as much control over the other Dom as he did Matt, or Reed, but this was a different angle.

He’d get Curtis exactly where he wanted him by just nudging him in the right direction.

Always a pleasure to watch, but a lot more fun to participate. Matt gazed up at Curtis, wetting his lips with his tongue. “Please, sir? I need to feel you at the back of my throat. Would it help if I begged for your cum?”

Groaning, Curtis stroked himself, narrowing his eyes at Lawson. “You don’t play fair, my man. I hate losing, but somehow, I’m the one who’s outnumbered.”

There was no reply, but Matt felt Lawson smile against his throat even as Curtis slid back into his mouth. The smooth, hot flesh stretched his lips, his jaw, Curtis’s pulse beating fast against his tongue. Salty precum was slick on his tongue, telling him victory was so damn close.

Sucking lightly, careful for his teeth, Matt tried to focus on Curtis’s pleasure, but Lawson fucking him made dividing his attention impossible. A wave of pleasure flooded his body as Reed bobbed his head, a desperate sound vibrating against the back of his throat when Lawson grabbed his wild curls and held him against Matt for a few beats.

Sparks flew across Matt’s vision, the pressure around his dick, the air he was denied from the length hitting the back of his throat, and that heat around his cock tearing him apart into cascades of ecstasy. He wasn’t sure if Curtis’s loud curse or his own cries came first. Only that every inch of his body was glowing in the aftershocks. That he could ride them out as Lawson came deep inside him.

Curtis’s release on his tongue, on his lips, Matt sank boneless onto the mattress. Someone had removed the restraints and Lawson held him in his arms now, snug against his chest.

At the other side of the bed, Curtis spoke softly to Reed. “Look at how hard that pretty dick still is. Be my good boy and maybe tomorrow, I’ll let you come after I fuck you in the shower.”

Right, the punishment. Matt made a face, tempted to tell Curtis off. He hadn’t actually caught them doing anything.

But before he could even open his mouth, Lawson covered it with his hand. “Let’s not, my protective pet. How do you feel? I want you nice and relaxed for your grand opening tomorrow.”

Sighing, Matt rested his head on Lawson’s shoulder when his Dom moved his hand. “I feel...good. I mean, really good physically, like I can actually sleep. But almost...too floaty to be nervous.” He wrinkled his nose. “Can I just say—”

“No.” Lawson’s eyes shone with humor. “But your objection is noted.”

Shortly after, all cleaned up and tucked in, Matt listened to the soft sounds of the men on either side of him, all fast asleep. Eyes closed, he laced his fingers with Lawson’s, on the center of his Dom’s chest. Ran his thumb over his solid gold wedding ring.

He didn’t just feel good. He felt fucking lucky.

A husband he loved. The career of his dreams about to begin. Two men he couldn’t live without never too far. It was like being given one gift after another, afraid to open the next because what he already had was so precious. But Lawson wanted him to have it all.

The cafe will be a success. I have to believe that.

As wonderful as his life could be, he also knew there were shadows around it, part of what made it shine so brightly. Knowing, together, they’d defeated them before.

Now, the question was…Can I defeat the ones I need to face on my own? 




  1. So amazing that all of them 'worked' to get Matt relaxed 😏

  2. 🔥 love seeing this quad coming together like this as Matt & Lawson are much more private than most if not all of the other relationships it’s good to see them with Curtis and Reed ❤️

  3. I love these 4 together! Lawson especially.


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