Double the Heat Brewed by The Asylum-Part Two


The heat is building up with this journey! <g> I'm gonna put a NSFW warning here, just in case. There will be two parts this week. Was saving them for the weekend, but I got a vaccine appointment for the little on Saturday—thank the Gods! Stalking the appointment site was a whole experience—so my focus will be on her. **Fingers crossed** for little to no side-effects!

I got my vaccine yesterday, but hers is gonna be at the racetrack at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, which is pretty cool and a bit more than my 10min walk to the local pharmacy.

In any case, I hope you're all having a great week!

Happy Reading!


Part One


The burnt caramel scent hit Matt the second he stepped into the loft. He kicked off his sneakers, meeting Lawson’s eyes as his Dom shook his head and sighed. Needing to distract him before he went to investigate whether Reed’s latest project included burning The Asylum to the ground, he knelt gracefully and began to unlace Lawson’s boots.

A knowing smile on his lips, Lawson settled onto the rustic wood bench by the door, relaxing as Matt eased the first boot off his foot. “Do you really think this will buy him enough time to clean up whatever mess he’s made before I get there?”

“Not really.” Matt shot Lawson a slanted smile. “But it’ll probably help with your blood pressure. I’ll open up a few windows and see if he needs a hand. I’m sure it’s not as bad as it…” He took another whiff, instantly regretting it. “Smells.”

Inclining his head, Lawson rose once Matt set his other boot aside. “Very well. I’ll be in my office, finishing up some paperwork.” He shook his head when Matt frowned. “Not for long, my boy, I just want everything out of the way so I can enjoy your grand opening in the morning.”

That made sense, and Matt wasn’t one to lecture his Dom, but he always worried when his husband pushed himself too hard. After placing Lawson’s boots neatly under the bench, beside his sneakers, he made his way to the kitchen.

At first, he didn’t see the smoke, dispersed by the oven fan and the wide open window. He saw Lawson on the floor. Not moving. Felt the rawness in his own throat from screaming at him on the day of his best friend’s funeral. One of the many things he still hadn’t opened up to Stephan about.

And probably never would, because...he still didn’t understand how Lawson could’ve forgiven him.

“Okay, I know what this looks like, but I’ve totally got this batch.” Reed bent over the stove, almost dropping the phone against his ear in the pot as he glanced over at Matt. “Yes, Keiran, I’m paying attention, but I think I traumatized Matt with this mess.”

Blinking, Matt snapped himself back to the present, giving his head a hard shake. The kitchen looked like someone had flipped it upside-down and given it a hard shake. Every utensil, pot, pan, and dish they owned seemed to be in use. A huge bag of sugar had been brought up from the galley, and every step crunched from what was scattered on the floor.

Reed might not have all his energy back from before his surgery, but from the looks of what he’d managed in less than an hour, he was getting there.

“What exactly are you trying to do?” Matt stepped up to Reed’s side, watching him stick a candy thermometer in the pot. “Didn’t Jared say your diet can go back to normal now? You don’t have to make your own candy—Phil will be thrilled to have you back at his shop every other day.”

Smiling, Reed reached over and turned off the heat, hanging up even as he moved the pot off the burner. “True, but I didn’t think of this in time to ask him to make them. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but since I screwed up the first three batches, I’ll just give you an idea of what I’m trying to do.”

On a tray at the far end of the counter, where everything was still as spotless as Matt had left it, was a tray of lollipop molds with little white sticks already set up. Oven mitts on his hands, Reed brought the pot over and began pouring the golden yellow syrup in.

When he was done, Matt leaned in close to get a better look. “Is that…?”

“Your logo. I talked to Jami and Pike and they managed to get these made by some local guy in record freakin’ time.” Reed set the pot down on the stove, then blew at his sweat slicked face. “I know you have a contract with Phil to supply some coffee flavored candy, and he could probably get this done a lot better, but I figured if we could have some ready to hand out tomorrow it could be cool.”

A smile tugged at Matt’s lips before he pulled Reed to him in a tight hug. “Do you know how awesome you are? I love that idea. And they look…” Not horrible for a first try at candy-making, but were there supposed to be that many bubbles? “When did you decide to do this?”

Red patched Reed’s gleaming cheeks and he ducked his head. “Three days ago. I’ve been researching all kinds of flavors and decided something butterscotch would be perfect. I tried a few times in the galley and burnt the bread I was making at the same time and the syrup. I wasn’t too busy tonight, so I figured I’d give it one last go. With Keiran’s help. He wasn’t too happy that I waited so long to ask him.”

“Yeah, but I get it. With his restaurant opening next week, he’s been crazy busy.” That was one bit of guilt Matt had managed to shed. Keiran had been planning for his restaurant for years, had given up his original plans to open it in the nicer side of Aniston Falls, and decided to combine his efforts with Matt to bring something special to this side of the tracks. There was no telling how the locals would really feel about everything, but Matt going in first might break the ice. And he’d be promoting Keiran’s opening like crazy.

Letting out a relieved laugh, Reed nodded. “I knew you would. And hey, if they aren’t any good, you don’t have to use them to spare my feelings. I just got the idea in my head and I had to try.”

Tongue between his teeth, Matt studied the hardening lollipops. It was a good idea. And Phil didn’t make his own candy, he just knew all the best places to order from. Which meant bringing in a third party to have something custom-made.

Which would be expensive.

Reed was learning how to make a lot of different things from one of the best chefs Matt had ever known—hell, that a lot of more well-traveled people than him ever had. Cooking for The Asylum was something Reed enjoyed, but not with the same passion Keiran had for cooking and baking, or Matt had for coffee and ice cream.

Maybe...candy could be his thing. He was definitely passionate about that.

“I love the molds, and now that the molten lava smell is fading, it actually smells pretty good. But…” Matt took a deep breath. “If we’re gonna give these to customers, can we figure out what’s up with the bubbles? And maybe…” He grinned, held up a finger, and went to the cupboard to pull out a jar of freshly roasted, chocolate covered coffee beans he’d made the day before. “Could we put something like this in the middle? The chocolate might melt and look weird, but even just a roasted coffee bean would be kinda neat, right?”

Excitement filled Reed’s eyes. “You’re a genius. Yes to all of it.”

“And to getting this kitchen back up to FDA standards?” As messy as things were, Matt knew Reed never made food anywhere dirty. Just...with a creative amount of clutter. Still, he’d feel a lot better making something he’d serve in a place that didn’t look like it had been nuked. He went over to the sink to start soaking the pots from Reed’s failed attempts. “I love the way your mind works, but maybe tag in Wren next time? He’s pretty good at keeping on top of you when you go into cyclone mode.”

“You’ve got a deal, man.” Taking Matt’s lead, Reed started tidying up. “We can use these to make sure the flavor’s right. Try a batch with the chocolate and without and see what’s best.”

Three hours later, the kitchen was spotless again. And they had fifty perfectly formed lollipops, with plain roasted coffee beans in the middle, covered in clear cellophane and tied with black ribbon. Even though the first decent batch hadn’t looked great, the taste had been mouthwatering, so Matt made Reed write down the adjustments he’d made to the recipe before he lost track of them.

Holding one of the imperfect lollipops to Reed’s lips, Matt slipped it into his mouth. “I need to keep this visual in my head for when I’m dealing with any rough customers. I’ll offer them one as an opening day treat and think of how fucking sexy you look with one of these.”

“I can give you a better one.” Reed lowered to his knees, tugging open the belt on Matt’s jeans, the lollipop still tucked in the side of his mouth. He freed Matt’s dick, then plucked the lollipop out, slicking it over the head before giving it a long lick. “Mmm, I might not be too bad at this after all.”

Air sucked in through his teeth, Matt braced his hands behind him on the counter, a rush of pleasure shivering through him as Reed got the candy nice and wet again, slicking it over him, then cleaning it off with the tip of his tongue. This was the one time he struggled to obey the rules. No one made him feel quite as irresistible as the man kneeling before him. Lawson made him feel cherished. Desirable. But he flooded Matt’s senses until everything was a complete surrender. Curtis gave him a fierce, unrelenting passion he didn’t even try to hold back.

With Reed, he couldn’t lose himself to the same level, but it was a different kind of wonderful. He was inside his own head enough to crave that teasing touch. To comb his fingers into those soft curls and tug lightly to encourage Reed to take him deeper. The edge of it being forbidden would never get old.

And fuck, that hot mouth around him, that wicked tongue, made it hard to care who was in control.

Moving with Reed as his lips slid over him at a steady rhythm, Matt didn’t hear the door, but he couldn’t miss those heavy steps of Curtis striding in without taking off his boots. Eyes going wide, he motioned for Reed to stand, hands going to his jeans.

Reed stopped him just in time to avoid serious injury as he came too close to catching the tip of his dick in his zipper. He tugged his shirt over his undone belt and turned to the sink, grabbing a scouring pad because the thing definitely needed some extra scrubbing.

Lollipop back in his mouth, Reed pushed himself up to sit on the edge of the counter. “Hey, Daddy-O!”

“Hey, yourself, Sparkles.” Curtis’s brow lowered as he gave them both a suspicious look. The edge of his lips quirked. “I was hoping nothing was on fire when I came in to that smell. Are you two behaving yourselves?”

The way Reed smirked around the lollipop he put back in his mouth wasn’t fucking helpful. At all. Matt blew out a breath and shrugged, trying to act normal even though his dick was still hard and the cupboard under the sink digging into it was getting painful. “Just a last minute project for tomorrow, sir. We’re pretty much done.”

“Mhm.” Curtis came up behind him, pressing in close as he slid his hand down Matt’s chest. “How close to done?” His palm pressed against Matt’s erection. “Because, from here it seems like you still have a ways to go.”

Groaning, Matt pressed his eyes shut. “We...umm…”

“Bad boys. Did Lawson get busy and leave you to get in all kinds of trouble?” Curtis lifted Matt up like he weighed nothing and flung him over his shoulder. “Let’s see if we can’t get him to clock out early.”

Hands gripped to the back of Curtis’s shirt, Matt’s face blazed as he lifted his head to watch Reed following close behind, looking like he was getting a kick out of the turn of events. One thing Matt loved—and couldn’t quite get—about the other sub was how easily he shifted gears.

If they were really in trouble, tomorrow would be that much harder, with orgasm denial and sore butts to remind them why getting caught was a bad thing.

But if we aren’t…

Plunking him down on the bed hard enough to whoosh the breath from his lungs, Curtis stepped back and folded his arms over his chest. “Strip. Both of you. I need to make sure my property wasn’t damaged.”

For some reason, talk like that always pissed Matt off and turned him on all at once. He gritted his teeth as he stood, jerking off his shirt. He wanted to belong to Curtis, almost as much as he did belong to Lawson, but a little voice in his head always told him he shouldn’t. He was his own man. He had no master.

Except...he did. Two he’d chosen, who’d chosen him.

Which felt so right and so wrong and the conflict always had him saying the wrong thing.

Like. Right. Now.

Chin jutting up, he undid his jeans. “I’m an adult and so is Reed. We can make whatever the hell we want in our own kitchen without supervision.”

Okay, the last wasn’t entirely true with Reed. Sometimes. But he hadn’t done that bad. And he wasn’t hurt.

You sure about that?

Worried now, Matt glanced over at Reed, who’d lowered his gaze as he removed his own clothes. More in submission than anything Curtis had said hitting the wrong way.

Finger under Matt’s chin, Curtis brought his gaze up to meet those flashing, golden brown eyes that challenged him to keep pushing. “Don’t look at him. Keep your eyes on me. I decide what happens from this point on. If he’s hiding anything, this all stops and I bring him to Jared.”

“I’m not.” Reed stepped up to Matt’s side. “Sir, I burnt the syrup before Matt even got home. I was careful and he always is. We’re good.”

Curtis didn’t shift his gaze from Matt’s. “You. Are. Mine. I want to hear you say it.”

Lips pressed shut, Matt inhaled roughly and held still.

Blood surged low. His whole body reacted to the claim.

But his head still wasn’t in the right place to admit it. Part of what he had with Curtis involved more of a struggle. One he wanted, so bad, but kinda scared him. Because if Curtis didn’t think he was worth the work, it would he’d gone too far. A test he’d never wanted to make the man pass, but he couldn’t help it.

Instead of backing off, Curtis raked his fingers into Matt’s hair. Jerked his head back when he tried to twist away. “Do you need your safeword?”

Teeth gritted, Matt managed one word. “No.”

“All right, then I think I know what you do need. Which is a few less choices.” Curtis looped an arm around his waist and flipped him over. “My poor boy. Not a mark on you. Has Lawson been neglecting this sweet ass?”

Bucking against the bigger man, Matt snarled.

The sound was cut short when Curtis barred his arm across his throat. “Sorry, what was that?”

“He doesn’t ‘neglect’ me, sir. I know how to behave myself.” Not that Matt was proving that now, but fuck. Being held down like this, having every wall knocked down without restraint, felt good. And he wasn’t ready for it to end. “He’s my husband. You’re just...just…”

All right, you’re digging a deeper hole than you want to fall into, dude.

Curtis let out a soft laugh, close to his ear. “I’m what?”

This was one of the rare times Reed was really still and quiet. When Matt twisted a bit to meet his gaze, there was something calm there. Something that said this was okay. A moment between him and Curtis that he needed.

So he bit into his bottom lip. Exhaled. And said the words he knew he’d regret. “The runner up.”

A solid smack landed on his ass, jarring him. Curtis whispered in his ear. “I’m so much more than that, my boy. I think you need a reminder.”

Weight heavy against him, pinning him down, Curtis reached out to grab one restraint tucked under the mattress. He looped the thick leather over both Matt’s wrists, strapping them together before drawing the strap tight.

Stepping back, he pulled open a drawer. He kicked Matt’s thighs apart, then cool liquid spilled between his ass cheeks, growing hot as it spread. Something blunt pressed against him, stretching, then easing back.

“Say it.” Curtis pressed the thing against him again, leaning down to kiss him as he panted. “Say it and I’ll give you this. And so much more.”

Pressure. Then nothing. Pressure. Then it was gone.

Nerves flaring, dick hard against the rumpled comforter, Matt tried to move away. Tried to take more. His eyes teared and he finally gasped, tipping his head back as Curtis kissed him again.

“Yours, sir.” He groaned as the thing filled him. Settled in deep. “I’m yours.”

From the doorway came quiet footsteps. Lawson approached the bed, smoothing his hair away from his eyes. “My stubborn boy, you have no idea how much I love seeing you, just like this. Accepting all that I’ve given you.” His lips touched Matt’s, still tingling from Curtis’s rough kisses. “You’re his. You’re mine. And no matter how long it takes, we’ll never stop reminding you who you belong to.”

A press against the fullness in Matt’s ass made him hiss.

He’d been completely overwhelmed. Exactly what he’d been so desperate for.

Lawson kissed the side of his neck. Then rose, letting Matt watch as he took off the paddle he’d attached to his belt.

“Now let’s get started.”






  1. Thanks. I needed that. Matt needs the distraction .

  2. Yeah, there’s definitely some heat there. Double? Quadruple? Not sure, don’t care, just 🔥 and loving it

  3. Awesome! The cooking part made me want one of those lollipops stat

  4. Matt always is a treat, and so happy to see him with Curtis 😍

  5. Gotta love Curtis...sometimes I forget how much. I want me a Curtis right about now!!🔥❤


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