A Little Roughed Up at The Asylum Safe House - Part Sixteen



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Usually, Quint discouraged naughtiness. Part of his role guiding and caring for Pike, what their relationship had been built on, meant showing him how to best please their Dom.

Taking a bit of pleasure for himself seemed perfectly reasonable, though. Even more so when that wicked mouth brushed over his skin, light grazes of teeth down his chest, then his stomach, making the muscles twitch with the sensation. He closed his eyes, holding back a moan as Pike’s tongue traced along the dip in his pelvis.

It was unlike Pike to take his time without Seth’s command, he was passionate and craved contact so much, but he seemed to want to draw this out and Quint wouldn’t rush him. He stroked his hand over Pike’s hair, smiling at the soft sound of enjoyment he let out. Light tugging brought his boxer briefs down just enough to reveal more skin, without exposing him completely. Hot lips touched him with barely there kisses, the sweetest kind of torture.

If he didn’t know better, he’d say Pike wanted to be caught.

“Next time...can you tell me?” Pike lifted his gaze, his breath stirring the light hair at the base of Quint’s stomach. “If you don’t want me involved because I get in so much trouble, all on my own, I get it. But...I need to know you trust me with stuff, too, you know?”

Lips curving even more, Quint nodded. “So long as whatever trouble I’m getting in won’t be dangerous to you? I’ll try to share it with you. You have to promise to do the same. And I reserve the right to talk you out of it.”

Pike’s huff of laughter made Quint’s abs tense as the air caressed his skin. “That’s fair. The worst trouble always ends up being stuff I do without meaning to be bad. Like flooding the loft.” He shook his head when Quint lifted his brow. “Story for later. I’m being intentionally bad now.” He hooked his fingers to the white waistband of Quint’s boxer briefs, sliding it down completely, his gaze heating as it slid over Quint’s fully erect dick. “I think you like it.”

“I do. Very much.” Quint let his fingers drift down to the nape of Pike’s neck, touching Seth’s collar, a wave of guilt and doubt washing over him. He exhaled roughly, shaking his head. “We shouldn’t do this, brat. Not without our Dom’s permission.”

That got him a mischievous smirk as Pike brought his lips down to just about the head of Quint’s dick. “Do what? I’m not taking what’s not mine. I’m just having a little taste.” He flicked his tongue over the slit at the tip of Quint’s dick, already glistening with precum. “Mmm. May I have some more, sir?”

Not having even heard the door open again was a bit disconcerting, but a glance over at the approving look on Seth’s face told him his Dom was pleased as well that Pike hadn’t missed it. He hadn’t gotten the kind of training of many of the other core subs until recently, though he’d likely picked up a few things from him and Seth by simply observing.

Being an artist had its benefits.

“You may, my little pixie, but not too much.” Seth dropped the rucksack he was carrying by the door and brought a tray full of covered dishes to the table. “Quint’s still being punished. And Keiran was nice enough to prepare us some food to begin our imprisonment, so I plan to make sure you work up an appetite.”

“I like the sound of that.” Pike lowered his lips back to Quint’s dick, kissing down the length, then up, slipping them around and groaning when Seth came up behind him, raking his fingers into his damp blue hair. Their Dom took control of Pike’s motions, having him take Quint with shallow sucks, stopping him whenever he tried to take him in deeper.

The pleading sounds Pike made added to the light friction, and Quint had to fight the urge to thrust up into that hot mouth. He clenched his thighs, holding back his release, looking up at Seth to find that evil glint in his eyes that always meant he would enjoy making him suffer a little. Making him beg.

Seth bent down to whisper in Pike’s ear. “My gorgeous subs, so fucking greedy for each other they couldn’t even wait for me. I’ll have to keep you too worn out to steal what doesn’t belong to you. Use that mouth of yours until your jaw’s sore and you remember the taste of mine and Quint’s cum in your sleep. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Whatever Pike’s answer might have been was cut off as Seth pressed him down until Quint’s dick hit the back of his throat, holding him there.

Panting as the struggle to hold himself still became almost overwhelming, Quint jerked when Pike swallowed around him, his tongue adding pressure as he was drawn up slowly. “Fuck, sir… Please, let me use your boy’s mouth? It’s made for this.”

“I know.” Seth let Pike go down once more on his own, then roughly pulled him off Quint completely with his hand buried in Pike’s hair. His lips covered Pike’s, a possessive growl coming from deep in his chest sending an erotic chill down Quint’s spine and making Pike whimper in that sexy, needy way he had. “But you need to earn the pleasure of it and you’ve misbehaved, smiley. You’re lucky I plan to let you come at all.”

The moisture on Quint’s dick made it hard to focus on his Dom’s words, but he managed to shove aside his own neediness as he sat up. Once Pike was comfortably settled, Seth moved to sit on the edge of the bed, patting his lap.

Taking a deep breath, Quint rose, not bothering to pull up his boxer briefs or his pants. Getting spanked when he already had an erection was always a bit awkward. He positioned himself, wincing at the pressure of Seth’s hard thigh, pinning his dick against his stomach. Being bigger than Pike had some advantages in the position, he could brace himself much easier, but Seth effortlessly changed that by pinning his folded arms behind his back, hands touching his elbows while Seth grasped his wrists. Then he tipped Quint off balance.

“Absolutely fucking stunning. Look at that ass, all perfectly unmarked for me. I’ll enjoy changing that.” Seth’s hand landed hard, the Crack! of the impact coming with a sting, then a wash of heat. “You’ll show this off to your other Dom as soon as we’re out of here. I’ll have to keep it nice and fresh for him. See if we can’t tempt him to find a reason to beat on you, too.” He landed another hard smack, making a thoughtful sound as Quint sucked in air through his teeth. “Not that either of us need a reason, but you try so very hard to be good, it’s fun when you fuck up and you know how very much you deserve it.”

A touch of mindfucking, along with the unrestrained, bruising spanks showed Seth was enjoying himself very much, but Quint’s eyes still teared as it hit him that he did deserve this, and more, for what he’d done. He’d made the decision to come in here, to take control that wasn’t his, and hadn’t even considered going to Seth first.

He owed his Dom so much better.

His sobs drew a pleased sound from Seth, his Dom stroking his hand over the flesh he’d left throbbing. Lifting him off his lap with ease, Seth helped him kneel in front of him, tipping his chin up and using his thumb to gather Quint’s tears. He wet Quint’s lips with them, then leaned in to kiss them away. “There we go. That’s lovely, my boy. No hiding from me.”

“Never, sir.” Quint breathed with Seth, his whole body intuned with his Dom’s in a way that settled everything inside him. “I’m sorry. I will keep nothing from you. It’s all yours.”

“Yes, it is.” Seth licked away another tear, shoving Quint’s open shirt off his shoulders. Hand fisted around the chain that held his dog tags, his Dom held him in place, slanting his lips, stealing Quint’s breath with a kiss that sealed everything between them in a way Quint would feel for a long time. The look in his eyes as he finished stripping Quint down said he knew it. “I want you over Pike, holding him so he can’t hurt himself while I fuck you. I’ll show you both what you get when you please me.”

Quint smiled, reaching out to nudge Pike onto his back and pulling his hands up over his head. The way Pike licked his lips, parting them before he was even in position, drew out a soft laugh even as his dick pulsed with the anticipation of having the other sub’s mouth on him again.

With the pillows lifting him to the perfect angle, Pike was able to take all of him in without having to move much, but he used his tongue as much as Quint would let him with every thrust. The slick heat of his mouth, the way Pike squirmed underneath him, made it harder and harder to keep a steady rhythm.

Until Seth used some lube to prepare him, latching onto his hips and guiding his dick into Quint with a smooth, unrelenting glide. The slight burn, the pressure of being stretched around Seth, brought a surge of pleasure so intense he gasped, pressing his eyes shut to cut off all the stimulation he could, while Pike used his wicked tongue to ruin all his efforts.

Seth grazed his teeth along the length of Quint’s neck. “You seemed to have lost all that perfect composure, smiley.” He eased back, then slammed back in, chuckling softly when Quint moaned, muscles tensing. “I didn’t tell you to restrain yourself. Come for me whenever you can’t hold back anymore. I’ll be doing everything in my power to make sure it doesn’t take long.”

Just Seth’s words, slipping the last bit of control from Quint’s grasp, brought him closer to that edge he usually kept out of reach until he chose to reward his subs. Days, sometimes weeks, making getting to that point almost an obsession. It was cruel in the most wonderful way, and Quint enjoyed it, as twisted as it was.

This turn of events was another way to throw him off balance. His grip tightened on Pike’s wrists, muscles shaking with every piston of Seth’s hips, driving into him. With the glide of Pike’s wet lips over him, the little whimpers he made brought the building pressure within closer to bursting out bit by bit.

Sweat slicked his body, Seth’s hands slipping until he tightened his grip. The taste of salt on his tongue, Quint turned his head, crying out as Seth rocked him back against his body, sliding their lips together in a messy, desperate kiss. Pike swallowed around him, taking every last drop and licking sensitive skin like he didn’t want to waste a single drop, smiling around Quint’s dick when the sensation became overwhelming. Seth hadn’t told him to stop, so he wouldn’t.

“My wicked little pixie.” Brushing his hand over Pike’s hair, Seth lazily moved in and out of Quint’s body. “How fast do you think we can get him hard again?”

Hands free, Quint having to brace his hands on the wall to keep from falling on him, Pike curved his fingers around Quint’s slacking dick. “I don’t know, sir. But I could keep him in my mouth for as long as it takes. I love how he feels there.”

“Good boy.” Seth kissed Quint’s shoulder as he shuddered, the stimulation crossing all the wires in his head to the point he was pretty sure he’d go crazy before both these men could continue fucking him. Fingers dug into the bruises on his ass, spreading him open, Seth’s glides lengthening until he was leaving his body completely, then stretching him with each thrust. “Such a needy hole. I’m going to make sure it doesn’t want for anything. Don’t worry, smiley. I’m going to take very good care of you.”

Not once, but twice more, Quint was toyed with until he hardened again, the time between longer and longer, but both Seth and Pike were relentless. His mind took a little trip at some point, leaving him feeling high when he was lowered to the bed, the heat of Seth’s release cooling on his skin.

His bones had gone liquid, and he drifted off, only coming alert again when Seth began to clean him with a warm cloth. His Dom’s lips curved. “There we go. You don’t have the strength to hold back anymore. And you’re completely relaxed. I love giving you this, my boy. Don’t keep it from me again.” He uncapped a bottle of water, bringing it to Quint’s mouth, then pulling it away when some spilled over lips that didn’t seem to want to move right. “Slowly, my love. Don’t forget to swallow.”

After letting him take a few more sips, Seth brought the bottle to Pike’s lips. He breathed out a laugh when Pike didn’t seem to notice it and wiggled in close to snuggle between them instead.

“Pay attention, pixie. You’ll get all the cuddles you can stand, but I need you nice and hydrated so I can keep my promise of using your mouth until you can’t take anymore.” Seth kissed Pike’s forehead as the other sub obediently drank some water. “Very good boy.”

Sex and spankings took up the entirety of the two days in the cell, which didn’t really give Quint a good idea of how comfortable Stephan would be in here—he’d need to change the sheets and air out the room, that was for sure. His legs were shaky when he walked out, grateful for the dim lights around the pool, which gave him time for his eyes to adjust before reaching the gym. Sun pooled over the wide space, the scent of lemon cleaner hanging in the air.

The upbeat music made him smile as he looked over to where Jamie was wiping down the ring with Wren, wiggling and singing into the top of the spray bottle, getting more vocal practice that cleaning done, but it looked like he was having fun.

“Be careful not to get that in your mouth. Or up your nose again.” Wren cocked his head as he looked over at Jamie, like his mind was going over the ingredients in the cleaner and wondering about the impact they might have. “Jared said you should be fine after rising it out as much as possible, but if you ingest too much, maybe he’d show me the different kinds of treatments.”

Jamie wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, let’s not. It burned like hell when I got it up my nose. I was just sniffing to make sure it was the right one.”

By Quint’s side, Seth chuckled, shaking his head. “Don’t do that again, my boy. Some cleaners are very toxic even when you smell them.” He nudged his chin at Wren. “Keiran’s very skilled with both poisons and their antidotes. Why not have him do some show and tell?”

That had Wren perking up, even as Jamie shook his head and waved his hands behind him.

“Rhodey doesn’t want Wren involved in anything else that might cause a moral dilemma.” Voice coming from the rafters, Avery slid down, hanging upside down as though he’d fully embraced the whispered comments of him being like a bat. He unbent his knees, doing a smooth flip as he dropped, landing in a crouch in the center of the ring. “He and Jared had words. He let Jared win.”

That was debatable, but Quint wouldn’t comment on that. Besides, he had to remind himself to breathe after the nonchalant performance, which could’ve easily led to a broken neck with anyone else. The sub’s skills were amazing to behold.

From the look of admiration on Jamie’s face, he agreed. Rag forgotten over one of the ropes, he stepped closer to Avery. “Could we practice on the silks in the dance club again? It’s been so long. I want to give Noah a show he’ll never forget and...I think it would help him forget how long it’s taking for his vision to be perfect again.”

Head tilted to one side, Avery nodded slowly. “Yes. But I pick the music. There’s a few Russian songs I’ve gotten Danny into. I like the idea of having some influence on the music you both make.”

“Deal.” Jamie started slipping out between the ropes after Avery, then froze, glancing back over his shoulder at Wren. “I should finish this up first. Wren already does tons of cleaning, it would be fair to leave this to him, too.”

Wren shook his head, smiling at the other sub. “I don’t mind. When I’m done I’ll come watch you for a bit. I don’t enjoy...those kinds of activities. But I love watching you do them.”

Bounding back over to him, Jamie brushed a kiss over Wren’s lips. “I love you watching me. Don’t take too long, it’ll be cool to have an intimate audience.” He wiggled his brow when Wren’s cheeks pinkened a bit. “You know how horny I get when I move like that.”

Lips twitching, Avery stepped up to Pike’s side, speaking under his breath. “Or when he’s breathing. Or awake.”

Before the two subs disappeared into the dance club, Seth put his hand on Pike’s shoulder, calling out to Avery. “Does Danny have the puppy upstairs with him?”

“No, sir, but Shea brought him to the dog park while Jacks is using Danny to model some of his new pieces.” Avery gave Pike a smile of understanding when he let out a sigh of relief. “Bram’s with them. You hear him fluttering around and you’ll know Koda’s close.”

“Thanks, man.” Pike shifted on the crutch attached to his knee, his hand slipping into Quint’s. He took a deep breath. “I’m still planning on working with Stephan to...you know, not be scared of the thing. It’s just a puppy.”

Dance club door held open with his shoulder, Jamie met Pike’s eyes. “At least it’s not coconuts. Those don’t bite.”

Pike shot Jamie a grateful look. “Yeah, but I mean, you’ve got a good reason. I hope it’s not too hard for you to avoid. If you ever need me to eat some coconut macaroons real quick to get them away from you, I’ll be all over that.”

Spitting out a laugh, Jamie gave Pike a thumbs up, then ducked into the dance club, Avery a step behind him. Wren continued cleaning the ring, mouthing the words to whatever song was playing, which sounded like it was one from Jamie’s new album.

“If I know you as well as I think I do…” Seth wrapped his arms around Pike from behind, kissing his temple. “Your mouth is now watering, thinking about those treats. How about we go see if we can tempt Keiran to make you some, while the scent of them won’t be triggering Jamie. I have a rare poison he might not know about stored away for him to add to his collection.”

Only in his strange little family would talking about desserts and poison in the same sentence seem perfectly normal. Quint smiled at Pike’s moan of agreement, stepping ahead to open the door to the bar for him and Seth.

More music was playing in the bar, some oldie rock tunes Curtis seemed to prefer. At the bar, he had Reed sitting up on the ledge, one arm behind him to support him as he fed him spoonfuls of bright red Jell-O.

The bartop probably wasn’t the best place for Reed to be sitting while he was recovering, but Jared was at the other side of the bar, reading the newspaper, half his attention on the pair. No doubt he’d make sure Reed could get a taste of normalcy, without pushing himself too hard again.

At his usual spot, Lawson sipped his coffee, going over his ledgers and shaking his head as he looked over a packet of receipts. “These don’t add up. I know Rhodey was using mercs with the right set of skills for the renovations, and paying them himself, but the estimated time to complete the projects has already gone over, as have the supplies. You should supervise, Curtis, so they don’t screw him over. We’re already past the budget. And what are these new permits for?”

Curtis teased Reed with the spoon, making him laugh as his lips closed around air. “I haven’t gotten a chance to take a look, but I saw the guys unloading a salt chlorine generator off the last truck. Maybe Rhodey’s planning to moonlight as a magician and is trying out that trick that killed Houdini.”

“The trick wasn’t what killed him.” Over by the espresso machine, Matt lifted his head when everyone went quiet, his ears going red. “I was really into magic when I was a kid. My mom…” His throat worked. “She got me this whole kit and I learned how to do every single trick. I kinda...wanted to be a magician for a while, while most kids I knew wanted to be astronauts or some shit.” He ducked his head when Lawson held up a finger. “Umm, yeah, so...I got all kinds of weird random facts.”

Licking the spoon after sucking the Jell-O off, Reed’s expression warmed. “You never really talk about stuff like this. Do you...think you could show me some of the tricks later? I don’t wanna know the secrets or anything. I love the idea of magic and wanna pretend it’s real.”

Excitement filled Matt’s eyes. “I’d love that. And if I can do it good enough to be convincing, I’ll know that I’ve still got it. If I do the disappearing coin act with a penny, it’ll totally mess with Jamie.” He lowered his voice a bit as Noah came out of the bathroom, still drying his hands on a paper towel he tossed toward the trash, missing it.

Jaw ticking, Noah bent over to pick up the crumpled paper towel. “It’s my eyes that aren’t completely back to normal, my ears are just fine, little pup.” He walked over and took the stool beside Jared. “This rivalry between you two needs to end. You’d be very good friends if you’d give him a chance.”

Gaze still on his ledger, Lawson shook his head. “Not everyone gets along. So long as Matt’s civil, he has every right to decide someone rubs him the wrong way. This isn’t elementary school.”

“No, Jamie was taken out of that to focus on his career. Some sympathy would be nice.”

Lawson lifted his head this time. “I have plenty of sympathy for him, but my concern is how you treat my boy because you feel it’s unfair for him to have his own opinion of your husband.”

“They just need to fuck, I’m telling you.” Pike stole Reed’s spoon and helped himself to some Jell-O, shrugging when Jared arched a brow at him. “Sorry, that slipped out. But it’s true. They need some serious hate-sex. I bet they both jerk off to the idea all the time.”

Jared’s disapproval turned to Seth. “Have you still not managed to teach your sub to have something of a filter?”

Retrieving Reed’s spoon from Pike, Seth’s eyes danced with amusement as he met the other Dom’s eyes. “Why? He’s not wrong. I assumed the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because Noah and Lawson intend to lead by example.” He ruffled Pike’s hair. “Now let’s get you in the galley before you get yourself in trouble with the big mean Dom.”

“Hmph.” Jared watched them go, snapping the paper with irritation, though the expression didn’t quite reach his eyes. He glanced over at Quint as he went around the bar to serve himself some coffee. “I take it you were satisfied with the cells? Stephan is recovering well and he should be ready to be moved down there tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.” A touch of the mischief that was usually reserved for Pike came over him as he brought the mug to his lips. “I hope Rhodey plans to fill the pool first, though. It’s somewhat of a safety hazard as is.”

Matt groaned as Lawson's expression darkened. “You couldn’t have waited? That’s still his first cup.”

“I am going to kill that man.” Shoving off his stool, Lawson stormed out of the bar.

Rising from his own stool, Jared patted Noah back as the man started choking on his own coffee, laughter in his eyes. Jared looked toward the closing gym door. “I better get him before Rhodey decides the cell needs another test subject.” He lowered his brow at Quint. “Your Dom and your co-sub are very bad influences.”

“Yes, sir.” Quint couldn’t argue there. He smiled at Jared. “Seth said I should give you a reason to spank me, though you obviously don’t need one. I find myself slightly confused about my orders.”

Ice blue eyes shone with interest as Jared inclined his head. “Let’s see if I can’t remedy that for you.” He sighed at the raised voices coming from the gym. “Once I save Lawson from himself.”

Beyond the walls of The Asylum, there were still threats to be faced. Things everyone here needed to be protected from. But within them, there was something precious for them all to hold on to. Something worth fighting for.

And sometimes…

No need to fight at all.

Those were the times Quint was still learning to live for. He still had a long way to go, and it wasn’t easy when the battles seemed nonstop. That changed as he let himself slow down enough to appreciate the time in between.

And his smiles weren’t just because he refused to let the struggles overtake him. Not anymore.

They came because all he had to do is look around.

To find someone he loved, smiling back.




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  3. Aww, so special to see Quint getting to be the sub he is for a while without his merc side needing to be switched on ❤️❤️Of course it wouldn’t be The Asylum without moments like this too:
    Matt groaned as Lawson's expression darkened. “You couldn’t have waited? That’s still his first cup.” 🤣

  4. I don't think Pike is wrong about Matt and Jamie needing to have down and dirty hate sex.

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