Double the Heat Brewed by The Asylum-Part Eleven


I don't know about you, but after a long week, diving back into one of my favorite stories can be the perfect escape. So let's see what Matt's brewing up for us today!

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For once, things escalating between Matt and Jamie didn’t mean one of them ending up with a busted lip. Smiling at the next customer, Matt ignored the buzz of his phone as he took their order. He poured while Coal fetched the pastries and put them in a paper bag with some napkins.

On the other side of the counter, Avery was clearing the tables, keeping things running so smoothly there was always a table waiting for the next customer who wanted to take a seat to enjoy their drink. Based on how things had been going since Matt’d reopened, he’d only need to hire maybe three people to help run things and keep a sane schedule for himself.

Glancing over at Avery, he frowned when the other sub stopped by a table, snatching up a coffee mug the second the man in the twill suit sitting there put it down. He began wiping off the table while the guy started picking up newspaper, shifting around Avery to grab his briefcase before rushing out.

Matt sighed, waving Coal to the cash and rounding the counter to tap Avery on the shoulder. “What was that?”

Blinking at him, then staring down at the table like he might find the answer there, Avery finally just lifted his shoulders. “You told me not to spray the tables anymore while people were still sitting at them. I’ll do it now.” He held up a hand as two teenaged girls, carrying bags from the thrift shop down the street, came over, laughing and chattering as they pulled out the chairs. “Wait.”

Customer service is definitely not the right line of work for this dude.

“Just a minute, he’s grabbing a cloth to dry off the table for you.” Matt scrambled for a way to get the stunned looks off the girls’ faces. “Would you like a couple of RoughHouse Cafe butterscotch lollipops? On the house?”

Giggling, the first girl nodded, nudging her friend, who answered for them both. “We’d love some, Mister, thank you.” She batted her eyelashes at him. “And we'll have whatever’s your favorite drink.”

Face flaming, Matt gave her a jerky nod, grabbing Avery’s arm and tugging him behind the counter. He kept his voice low. “I really appreciate your help, but you’re scaring the customers. Unless they spill something, let them take their time leaving before you start cleaning the tables off.”

Avery’s brow creased. “But then other people will be kept waiting. That doesn’t sound very efficient.”

Patient. I have to be patient.

“Maybe not, but they’ll be more likely to come back if you don’t chase them out.” Matt grabbed a drying cloth and handed it to the other sub. “Please, know, treat them like you would a Dom at the club.”

That seemed to clarify things a bit. Avery perked up, grinning at him. “If they’re in the seat Rhodey will want, I usually just stand close, staring at them until they move. I’m not as good at it as he is, but it works sometimes.”

Not an improvement. Let’s try this again.

“Would you do that to Jared?”

Avery blinked at him. “Of course not, he’s earned my respect.”

“Yes! Exactly. So pretend the customers deserve the same, only without lowering your gaze and being all formal. Be friendly.” That got him another blank look. Matt rubbed the back of his neck. “”

The smile Avery gave him was the one he probably used for people he was about to bury. But then he laughed, squeezing Matt’s shoulder. “I get what you’re saying. I reserve the right to deal with assholes at my discretion, but otherwise, I’ll…” He cocked his head. “I’ll act the same way Tracey told me to when I go to school plays and stuff for Ana. Rhodey thought it was funny when I sharpened my knife to make a point when ‘shhh’ didn’t work for the guy who was on his phone during the performance. Tracey was...less amused.”

I really need to put up that ‘Help Wanted’ sign.

“Okay, then picture her here and act in a way you know will make her happy.” Matt took a deep breath. Let it out with a laugh. “Be like Todd.”

Avery made a face, glancing over at Coal who snorted, having used the break in customers to listen in on the conversation. Tapping his fingers on the counter like Curtis did when subs were getting unruly, Matt sent both back to their tasks.

The way the girls flirted with Avery while he handed them some lollipops, laughing at whatever he said to them, was a very good sign. Heading to the back to restock on his most popular coffee beans, Matt took a minute to check his phone.

As expected, there was a message from Jamie.

Things were a bit quieter up front, so he decided to take his break and see how the other sub was trying to mess with him now. Last video had been of him dancing naked in his studio, with a message saying ‘I’m not sure if I should add this song to the list, tell me what you think?’

Matt had only watched it twice to make a decision about the song.

Shaking his head at himself, he failed to come up with an excuse for the three times he’d watched it after that.

The video he’d sent Jamie in return wasn’t quite as hot, but he was reaching his creative limit for seduction. Telling Jamie what he thought of the song while eating strawberries dipped in chocolate was the best he could come up with. He’d taken off his shirt, but being naked in the kitchen—unless one of his Doms had gotten him that way?—was totally out of his comfort zone.

He had a feeling he’d need to call in reinforcements after this next video.

Lawson wants me on top and that’s where I’m damn well gonna be.

Holding his breath, he pressed play.

Steam fogged up the glass walls of a shower, but a hand swept across it, leaving a small space where two naked bodies were pressed together. Quiet moans came through the phone’s speaker, forcing Matt to turn the volume down.

But not so low that he couldn’t hear Jamie’s voice.

“Don’t let me come, Wren, but I wanna show Matt what I’m saving for him. What I’m gonna do to him when he decides it’s ‘his time’.” Pressing Wren down to his knees, Jamie slid past his lips, the other sub gripping the base of his cock. “I was totally going to suck his nice, hard dick, but since he’s keeping me waiting…” His tone turned breathless. “I think he should make it up to me before I fuck him. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?”

Gazing up at him, Wren didn’t answer since his mouth was full, but he seemed to be getting off on the little game they were playing.

“Jerk yourself off. Fuck, just like that.” Jamie hissed in a breath. “You wanna see a ‘Toppy sub’? Here you fucking go. I’m gonna make you come so hard, Matt. Just say the word.”

A loud knock sounded, and Matt jolted, glancing at the door to the storage room before realizing it was coming from the phone. He snorted as Jamie and Wren jumped apart, Wren grabbing Jamie’s arm when he slipped on his way out of the shower.

Jared’s voice came out, loud and clear. “We are getting bold, aren’t we? Unlock this door, I believe you both need a refresher on the household rules.”

“No, sir! I was just…” Jamie hopped around, trying to tug his tight jeans over his wet thighs. “Helping Wren clean the bathroom?”

“Noah, love, please bring me a penny from the dish on the dresser.” Jared clucked his tongue. “If you’re going to indulge in this competition with Lawson, you may want to consider giving our boy some relief.”

The dark laugh coming from Noah was scary and sexy all at once. “And ruin his motivation? No, my man. He knows what the reward will be when he wins. That’s more than enough to keep him focused, isn’t it, little cat?”

Pants around his knees, Jamie waddled over to his Dom, rubbing his cheek against his chest. “Yes, sir. I don’t think I’ve ever been more focused in my life.”

The video continued for a bit more, meaning Jamie had probably forgotten he was still recording and sent without watching it. Serious misjudgement on his part.

Now Matt had the advantage of knowing the man’s game plan. Except…

How the fuck do I top that?

Calling Reed as he left the storage room, Matt smiled at one of his ‘regulars’—an old man who’d been here for the three days the place had been open—and began preparing the same order he got every time. A mochiatta with a dash of cinnamon sprinkled on top.

When Reed answered, it sounded like he’d been rushing around. “Sorry, I couldn’t find my damn phone. For some reason it was in that slipper Danny loves. He buried it under the lost and found stuff in the bar.”

Laughing, Matt handed the drink to Coal to bring to the customer. “Sounds like fun. You busy?”

“Not for the next hour, Keiran says the loaves don’t rise faster when I keep checking on them. The galley isn’t a disaster, so I’m free until they’re done.” The quiet conversation in the bar was replaced by the rush of wind, Reed likely stepping outside. “I’ll be right over.”

Fixing up a few more drinks for the random people popping in for to-go orders, Matt hummed along with the ambient music playing in the background, some classical stuff Jared had suggested. Matt had been kinda worried the younger crowd wouldn’t like it, but so far it seemed to keep things nice and calm.

When the orders stopped for a bit again, Matt realized Reed still hadn’t come in and went to the front door to check for him. Ground his teeth when he saw him standing on the sidewalk, facing off against Dayes and a few other members of the gang.

“Coal, in the back.” Matt didn’t look to see if the teen would obey. Shoving the door open, he cringed as the loud base from a car speaker hit him. Those windows Seth had gotten did a damn good job of muffling the sounds from the street.

Sucking his teeth, Reed gave Dayes a cold once over. “Dude, you don’t want to start with me. Get out of my fucking way before you end up eating the damn asphault.”

Months ago, Matt wouldn’t have doubted Reed could deliver on the threat, but now? He was still getting his conditioning back up to par. Four against one? The odds weren’t in his favor.

But they’d be much better with Matt at his side. Moving forward, Matt elbowed past the gang members. Stepped right up to Dayes. “Enough of this bullshit. Get the fuck out of here before we’ve both gotta remind you why your pathetic little gang doesn’t scare anyone anymore.”

“Really, Matt?” Dayes leaned in close, a smirk on his lips. “You think I can’t see it when you look at me? You’re ready to piss yourself. Nothing’s changed, you just feel all big and bad because you’ve got your leather daddies from The Asylum backing you up.” He looked left, then right. “I don’t see any of them here.”

It was hard to stand his ground. Hard to hold Dayes’ gaze. Matt couldn’t quite push back the sick feeling, the chill that crawled over him. But...somehow, he managed. “I don’t need them.”

“Please move along.” Avery slipped up to his other side, sounding bored. “I’m supposed to be nice, so I’ll give you one warning.”

Now he’s polite?

The situation would’ve been a lot funnier if Dayes wasn’t still there.

And if he didn’t slam his hand into Matt’s chest, knocking him into Reed before making a grab for Avery.

Dodging the gangster, Avery flicked a knife out. Dayes howled as it went through his calf, dropping to hands and knees. In a move too fast for Matt to follow, two of the other gang members ended up on the ground next to him.

The last one took off running.

“Heyo, time to go.” Avery’s sing-song voice was a bit creepy. He crouched down in front of Dayes, who was clutching his leg. “I’ll need that back.”

Eyes wide and wild, Dayes stared at Avery. “You crazy fuck. You’re gonna pay for this.”

Plucking his knife free, Avery shrugged. “Okay, but my break’s not until six. See you then?”

Helped to his feet by his buddies, Dayes glared, but didn’t reply as he was half carried to the car with the blaring speakers. The car sped off, wheels screeching.

Avery wiped the blood of the blade with a small cloth he pulled out of his jean pocket, grinning at Matt. “Sorry, Boss. You can take the extra time out of my paycheck.”

Sliding him a dry look as he led the way back into the cafe, Matt shook his head. “You refused to get paid. And I was gonna handle that.”

Blade pointed at him, Avery lifted his brow. “You have a business to run. Leave the fun stuff for me, that’s why I’m here. I’ll hose down the sidewalk in a bit, go do your thing.” Then, like nothing unusual had happened, he strolled up to the first table. “I apologize for the disruption. Would you like me to top that off for you?”

Shaking his head again, Matt caught Reed’s hand, bringing him to the other side of the counter. He popped his head into the storage room. “They're gone, buddy. You can come back out.”

“I fucking hate hiding.” Coal stomped out, going to the sink to start washing some mugs. “I can fight too, you know.”

At least this Matt knew how to deal with. He patted the teen’s shoulder. “I know you do, but it’s your dad’s rule for you working here.” He gave Coal a sheepish smile. “I might be tough and all, but I know better than to cross Rhodey when it comes to his kid.”

That got Coal smiling back at him, his disheveled red hair falling over his eyes. “Yeah, I get that. I just wish I coulda see Avery kick some ass.”

“I’ll give you all the details after I talk to Reed, okay?”


Back in the storage room with his co-sub, Matt tried to wrap his mind around what had just gone down. And how the only thing that really bugged him was that Avery had stepped in. But...even that wasn’t a huge thing.

Avery was right. Matt had a business to run and it was cool to be able to focus on that.

Well, and the other dilemma he was facing.

Which hopefully Reed could help with.

Sitting on the edge of a wooden crate and leaving some space for Reed to join him, Matt held up his phone. “Jamie recruited Wren and sent me a video of the guy giving him a blowjob. Noah’s keeping him ‘motivated’ by not letting him get off. I need to come up with something good. Something so fucking hot Jamie will have to admit defeat.”

Reed’s lips quirked. “Then you’ll take pity on him and fuck him?”

“Maybe…” Matt was done lying to himself, and he wouldn’t lie to Reed. But he was still more wrapped up in winning this weird competition than anything. “You got any ideas?”

“Tons. But show me what you’ve sent him so far.”

“Okay, but it’s...a bit weak in comparison.”

“I doubt that.” Reed leaned against his side, taking his phone and scrolling through the videos. He let out a low sound of pleasure as he watched the chocolate one. “Damn, can you send me a copy? I was wondering what you were up to when I got home and you were washing yourself over the sink.”

Matt’s cheeks heated. “I made a huge fucking mess. Not usually something I do to myself.”

Turning against him, Reed brushed soft kisses against the side of his neck. “Then let me do it for you. You’ve got your answer right there. Jamie’s following the rules. You don’t have to.” He let out a soft laugh. “When you get your hands on him, he’s gonna be so desperate, he’ll be begging for it.”

Curving his neck, Matt inhaled roughly. “Keep that up and you’re gonna have me begging.”

“I know. But not right now, we’ve both got work to do.” Reed rose to his feet, bending down to claim a kiss before backing away. “Do you still have a copy of that key to the dungeon?”

“Yeah, Lawson hasn’t changed it. But we’d get in so much trouble…” Matt’s brow furrowed. Would they, though? So long as they didn’t use anything that needed training, and they were careful, Lawson would likely consider it acceptable. His Dom would want him to use all the tools in his arsenal, right? “And winning means me Topping.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Reed gave him a crooked grin. “If you’re waiting for me to object to you tying me up and having your way with me, your customers are gonna get restless. I’ll meet you by the door an hour after the club closes.”

This was probably a bad idea. If they got caught, they’d both get their asses beat.

You’ll live. And you’ll probably enjoy it too.

“Meet you there.”

Matt walked Reed out, checking to make sure the gang hadn’t decided to come back for another round. The streets were clear, the sidewalk damp where Avery had washed away the blood.

The threat of the gang was something that would stay in the back of his mind. A serious problem he couldn’t figure out. That he might have to live with, like everyone else on this side of Anniston Falls.

This stuff with Jamie? It was for fun. A break from the serious shit. A competition where there wouldn’t really be a loser. Just bragging rights.

And if Matt wanted them?

It was time to go all in.


Part Twelve 


  1. “Please move along.” Avery slipped up to his other side, sounding bored. “I’m supposed to be nice, so I’ll give you one warning.” who'd thought Avery would be our comic relief 😅 And, yeah, did Noah and Jamie forget Matt has Reed? The OG of misbehavin' subs 😊😊😊

  2. Ohhhhhh I'm excited to read what happens next lol this is getting so fun haha

  3. I'm guessing Matt "wins" but it will be hot either way


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