Double the Heat Brewed by The Asylum-Part Ten


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Giving in to temptation was one thing, but explaining why? Hell to the fucking no. Not yet. Hands gripping a round ass Matt had lied about not looking at more times than he could count, savoring soft lips with a cherry flavored gloss he’d wanted to punch almost as often as he’d wanted to taste, he listened for the gym doors. Broke the kiss long enough to glance over his shoulder to make sure none of the sneaky fucking mercs were around.

So far, so good. Unless a certain snake was slithering around the rafters…

A solid smack landed on the center of his chest.

“Dude!” Matt tore his gaze from the high ceiling to stare at Jamie. “Stop hitting me!”

The other sub gave him an incredulous look. “Are you looking for snipers or are you afraid to get caught kissing me?”

Matt’s brow rose. “Of course I don’t wanna get caught. Do you?”

Wrinkling his nose, Jamie slid from his arms and stepped out of the booth. He toyed his tongue ring between his teeth, expression thoughtful. “Yes and no? I won’t lie to my husband—”

“Neither will I. What the fuck, dude?” Matt rubbed his hands over his lips. “I should’ve known you’d make this into a whole—”

Throwing his hands up in the air, Jamie tipped his head back and groaned. “There you go, assuming the fucking worse. If you’d let me finish?” He glared at Matt until he nodded. “If Noah asks straight up, yeah, I’ll tell him. But I know he doesn’t mind us being a bit sneaky. If you think about it, all the Doms encourage it. The punishments for getting caught are kinda sexy.”

“Well, yeah…” The edge of Matt’s lips quirked. “Lawson and Curtis started that whole thing. It’s only really a big deal if you leave marks.” He gave Jamie a wicked grin, inching closer to him. “How much trouble do you think we’d get in?”

Jamie snorted, shoving him playfully. “A shitload.” He moved in, walking his fingers up Matt’s chest. “This could be fun, but I’ve got a few conditions if I’m gonna keep helping you with your...therapy.”

“Now you’re making it weird.” Matt brushed Jamie’s hand away, the lust-filled haze clearing enough for him to take a few mental steps back. Messing around with Jamie could get all kinds of complicated. The whole ‘conditions’ thing made that clear. “I’m good. I don’t think I’ll mix you and Dayes up in my head anymore. If I’d ever tried to kiss him, he’d have gutted me.” Absently rubbing his throat, Matt shoved away the flashback of the one time he’d come way too close to exactly that.

Lifting his shoulders like it didn’t bother him one way or another, Jamie headed back toward the booth. His hips swayed in a way that made it impossible not to notice how well those snug jeans displayed his nice, round ass. “I was just gonna say no marks, no confessions to the Doms without warning each other, and no rigging the bet books.” He looked over his shoulder at Matt, an imperious lift to his brow. “Don’t think I missed that you bet a ridiculous amount that this…” He pointed to himself, then Matt. “Would never happen.”

Already feeling a blush coming on, Matt nodded slowly. “Okay, that sounds reasonable. I mean...if anything ever happens again. Which it won’t.”

He didn’t sound very convincing, even to himself.

I’m cured. That was the whole point, right?

“Cool. But if you change your mind…” Jamie picked up the earphones and perched on the small stool, his taunting little smile almost enough to get Matt back in that booth to kiss it away. Somehow, the man had gone from completely off balance, moving against him like he was desperate for anything Matt might give him, to completely unfazed.

Whatever this was, no way would Matt give the other sub the upper hand.

Stepping up to the booth, Matt braced his forearm on the doorframe, keeping his voice low. “Fine. But I have a few conditions of my own.” He smirked when Jamie pressed his teeth into his bottom lip, peering up at him. “I call the shots. I decide what and where. And no more hitting unless you want me to hit back.”

Throat working, Jamie inclined his head. “Okay, but you have to be nicer to me.”

“People will know something’s up.”

“So? Let them wonder. I’m not kissing someone who's an asshole to me.” Jamie hiked his chin up, his pouty bottom lip reminding Matt why they were even having this discussion. “You want this mouth doing all kinds of naughty things to you? Don’t piss me off.”

Leaning into the booth, Matt brought his lips close to Jamie’s. “I can be a bit ‘nicer’, but you’re hot when you’re all angry kitty.”

“You’re hot when you’re not being all perfect. If I get to see more of this side of you?” Jamie’s breaths were hot against Matt’s lips, but he stayed where he was, letting Matt have full control over what happened next. “You’ve got a deal. Let’s see where this goes.” That glint was back in his eyes. “I wanna hear the sounds you make when you come.”

“Shit, I think you were easier to deal with when I thought I hated you.” Matt covered Jamie’s lips with his own, groaning when the other sub tugged at his belt.

Then stumbling back as the gym door opened. He quickly fixed his clothes, his eyes wide as he covered his mouth with his hand. There was no way whoever that was wouldn’t know exactly what they’d been doing.

Something cold touched his chest. He shot Jamie a grateful look, uncapping the water bottle and bringing it to his mouth as he turned. Deliberately letting a bit drip down his chin, he used his sleeve to wipe it away. Hopefully, that would be enough to explain why his lips were red.

Curtis didn’t seem to notice, though he glanced from him to Jamie as though to make sure no one was bleeding. “I like seeing the two of you getting along, but I ain’t sure if I’ll ever get used to it. Stephan’s worked some damn magic.” He grinned, putting his arm around Matt’s shoulders and reaching out to pat Jamie’s cheek. “You busy, a stór? Why don’t you come over to the cafe so we can figure out how you’ll set up your whole performance. I’m thinking of building a small removable stage, in case you want to make this a regular thing.”

That explained why Curtis hadn’t caught the weird vibes between them. Matt’s Dom loved building things, he’d been so happy diving into the renovations at The Asylum, but people were running out of random things for him to build.

A stage hadn’t been on Matt’s list of things for the cafe, but he was warming up to Jamie’s idea of having special shows now and then. Maybe some of the older students from the Arts Center could come in. Even if they never made it big, performing for a small crowd would be something. And the locals would love the chance to show support to their very own aspiring stars.

It might even get some of the kids to join the Center, which would give Matt a way to repay Jamie for helping him fill up the cafe and get things off to a better start than he’d have managed alone. He wouldn’t have to owe him coffee or ice cream or...blowjobs.

But you still want to give them to him. Admit it.

Yeah, all right, he did. But he didn’t want to overthink it. Or give himself away by looking too disappointed when Jamie shook his head.

“I might swing by later, but I wanna get the song list organized, then go over it with Danny so we can present it to Matt, all official-like.” Jamie smiled up at Curtis. “I can’t wait to see the stage. That is, if Matt lets you make it.”

Matt frowned at the other sub. How was he supposed to be nice when the guy started taking little shots like that? “I don’t let my Doms do stuff. know how to give up control.”

“So you’re giving up control when it comes to the cafe?”

“Fuck no.”

“I’m confused.”

Snorting, Matt folded his arms over his chest. “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Arm across Matt’s chest, Curtis sighed, drawing him away. “Looks like I spoke too soon. All right, break it up. Get Connor to come with you if you’re leaving the building, Jamie. We’ll see you later.”

“Yes, sir.” Jamie held Matt’s gaze as he headed out with Curtis, winking as he put his earphones back on, mouthing something Matt couldn’t quite make out at first.

But as he walked through the bar it hit him. They were being sneaky. Jamie had goaded him just enough for him to react like he always did, without going too far. It woulda been nice if the guy had warned him, but maybe it was better this way. Came across more naturally.

He just had to keep his end of the bargain and avoid the low blows that had felt so satisfying once. Back when he’d hated Jamie.

All of twenty-four hours ago.

He had to bite back a smile as he realized what Jamie had mouthed as he left.

‘Our little secret.’

Back in the cafe, he managed to keep his focus where it belonged, inspecting every inch of the space to make sure Curtis and Reed hadn’t missed any dirt or glass. But Curtis was meticulous and it was hard to tell anything had changed at all. Except for his logo having been painted on the glass instead of a large decal, though it was so well done he could hardly tell the difference. He made a mental note to bring Pike back some ice cream tonight.

“This looks awesome, thanks for taking care of it for me.” Matt took a deep breath as he inspected the windows. The glass was a bit thicker, but it wasn’t too obvious. “How much do I owe Seth for this?”

Curtis shook his head, leading the way to the storage room, then through it to the larger space in the back which the cafe shared with the restaurant. Right now it mostly held overstock for the restaurant, chairs and tables that hadn’t been placed, along with boxes of china and silverware. Over the next two weeks, Keiran would be doing the last of his own preparations. If everything went well, this side of the street would be a hot new spot to hang out, and not just for the kinky crowd that mostly came out at night.

Raising his brow at his Dom when he didn’t answer, Matt rolled his eyes, repeating the question to Reed, who was sitting on a pile of lumber, scrolling over pictures on his phone.

“Cost about twenty-five grand, but he won’t let you pay him back.” Reed sounded distracted. He perked up abruptly, holding out his phone. “What about something like this?”

Not surprisingly, the picture of a small stage was practically blinding with all that glitter. Every time Reed gave input on decorations for the expanded loft, it either looked like the inside of a disco ball, or a scene straight out of one of his mangas. Thankfully, he got bored of the ideas pretty quick, going with a mix of Lawson and Curtis’ styles and keeping the more extreme stuff for his wardrobe.

Taking the phone, Curtis scrolled back a bit. “I was thinking something more like this. If you want a small stage for the game room, we can make it sparkly.”

“That would be awesome. I finally convinced Matt to try out that new karaoke game. It would be fun to have a whole setup for it.” Reed grinned as Matt ducked his head, jumping up and looping his arm around the back of Matt’s neck. “I’m so freakin’ happy you’re letting Jamie do this whole show. We’re gonna have a blast and you two will finally have a reason not to be at each other’s throats all the time.”

Focus on the picture of the simple black stage Curtis was showing him, Matt nodded. “Yeah, it’s gonna be cool. He’s not so bad when you get past all the celebrity bullshit.” He jumped when Curtis smacked his thigh. Right, he’d more than used up his free passes for...well, probably the month. Still, he made a face. “Hey, what else am I supposed to call it? You don’t like it when he’s all Hollywood either.”

“Maybe, but I made an effort to look past it a long time ago.” Curtis studied his face for a moment, then cupped his cheek. “I’m very proud of you for getting there. Now why don’t you and Reed go make sure everything’s ready to open again tomorrow? I’ll get started on this. It shouldn’t take me too long, but I want to make sure it’s ready for whenever you decide to do this thing.”

Matt took Reed’s hand, glancing back over his shoulder as he led the other sub out. “Probably this weekend? I wanna show the gang they failed at whatever they were trying to do. And keep the momentum going and all that.”

Inclining his head, Curtis smiled at him as he began measuring the planks of wood. “That’s my smart boy.” His voice carried as they passed through the first set of doors. “Reed, don’t forget you’ve got those loaves rising in the galley. Don’t wait until the last minute to get them on, I don’t want you overwhelmed when the club opens.”

“I’m on it, sir!” Reed pushed the door shut when they were in the cafe, leaning against it and staring at Matt. His lips split into a wide grin. “Dude, you’re so busted. Tell me everything.”

I’m...what? No fucking way. Matt’s brow furrowed as he thought back over the last twenty minutes. He hadn’t slipped up. He wasn’t acting any different. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, man. Busted how?” He went behind the counter, ducking down to see if any of his carefully organized variety of coffee beans in the cabinets had been disturbed. So far so good.

Reed crouched down beside him, wiping his thumb along the edge of Matt’s mouth when he lifted his head. “You’re wearing Jamie’s lip gloss.”

Oh… Oh shit. Face hot, Matt used his sleeve to try to get whatever he must’ve missed the first time. “Damn it, the guy couldn’t have warned me?”

“It’s not obvious, if that helps. I don’t think Curtis caught it.” Straightening, Reed folded his arms over his chest. “And he won’t hear about it from me, but you weren’t planning on keeping me in the dark, were you? How am I supposed to cover for you when you guys wanna sneak off to have some nice, hot hate-sex.”

Rolling his eyes, Matt rose, taking out his inventory books and checking the notes Curtis had made of what had been replaced. If he ignored the cost of the windows and the uncomfortable feeling of not being allowed to repay Seth—not that he ever could—the sales from the grand opening had kept him well in the black. “I don’t hate him, so it can’t be hate-sex. And we’re not having sex…” He cleared his throat as blood rushed to his cheeks and his dick at the thought. “Umm, we just...kissed a bit. Well, I mostly kissed him. I needed to...get rid of that image of him that reminded me of Dayes.”

When Reed’s expression went from curious to concerned, Matt motioned for him to sit and fixed him up an iced mocha, catching his co-sub up on what he’d learned during his latest session with Stephan. How much it had fucked with him, not knowing exactly which part of his beef with Jamie was because of Jamie, and which part was the resemblance to Dayes.

Reed let out a low whistle, thanking Matt quietly when he slid the whipped cream and sprinkle covered drink in front of him. He took a sip, his gaze holding Matt’s. “As long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been damn good at figuring shit out, so this doesn’t surprise me. It’s like when you decided you wanted Lawson as a Dom. You couldn’t give up control, so you made him take it. Or the way you took on that asshole, Ram. This Dayes fucker doesn’t know you anymore, but...I get how that old shit can mess with you. At least Jamie won’t be part of it.”

“Yeah, but it’s still...fucked up.” Matt listened for a second, the sound of power tools telling him Curtis wouldn’t be out here for a while. He poured himself what was left of the iced mocha, taking a big gulp and letting out a soft laugh. “This keeps up and you can cash in on that bet you made. I’m afraid to see how many people went in on either me and Jamie fucking or killing each other.”

Reed shook his head, looking serious now. “Fuck that. This isn’t anyone’s business and that could ruin whatever this is between you. Just...have fun with it.” He wiggled his brows. “Like I said, give me a head’s up when you wanna sneak off and I’ll cover for you.”

“I doubt I’ll need it, but thanks.” Matt grabbed a napkin to wipe the wet circle from his glass off the counter. He tongued his bottom lip. “Do you think... This won’t bother Lawson, will it? Sometimes what’s okay and what’s not gets a bit...confusing.”

Scooping up some whipped cream with his fingers, Reed sucked it off, holding his gaze and smirking when Matt shifted to adjust his zipper over his dick, which seemed to have become permanently hard. “The unwritten rule is things are cool within the core—with the exception of getting in the ring. The Doms have their own way of giving each other permission, but with us subs? We can be naughty and try not to get caught. Honestly, with the stuff Keiran and Avery have gotten up to with Danny? We’ve seriously gotta up our game.”

That brought a slanted smile to Matt’s lips. If nothing else, he could so do some sub summit competition. “True, we can’t let the newbs have all the fun. And you had that whole road trip with Wren. I bet you got him in all kinds of trouble.”

A soft smile curved Reed’s lips. “A bit, but he mostly kept me out of it. I told you about the western bar, that was a blast.”

“You didn’t tell me about the hot sex you had, though.”

“Because we didn’t have any. Lawson fucked me under a waterfall, but...yeah, things were pretty tame other than that.” Reed tapped his fingers against his bottom lip. “Shit, we really do have to take things up a notch. We’re becoming the good subs.”

“Can’t have that.” Matt snorted, then took another sip of his drink. He didn’t mind being considered one of the well-behaved subs, but it was fun to be a bit bad with Reed sometimes. His lips curved as he pictured Lawson with Reed, under that waterfall he’d sent pictures of while Matt was off in Seattle with his brother at the school he’d finally chosen. He’d kinda wondered if Lawson and Noah would get closer during the trip and would’ve made him happy if they had. At least they seemed to be in a better place. “Did Lawson and Noah—?”

“Nope. And I hope they never do where I might walk in because… No. Just no.” Reed rubbed his hands over his eyes as though clearing the mental image. “They were more affectionate, which was cool. A few times they even agreed on stuff.”

Definitely an improvement. Matt nodded slowly. “Even with this ‘unspoken’ thing, he’d have told me. I ain’t saying I am gonna fool around with Jamie, but if it goes anywhere further than kisses, I’m asking first.”

Reed leaned a bit closer to him. “Even better. I wanna be there when you two are done torturing each other and are so desperate to rip each other’s clothes off that you’ll actually make yourself ask for permission.” He tilted his head to one side. “Lawson will probably make you ask Noah, too.”

“I’ll stick with the kissing.”

“Uh huh.” Reed brushed two fingers over Matt’s bottom lip. “So you don’t want me to give you all the details I’ve gotten from Wren about how good Jamie is at—”

“Nope.” Matt sucked on the tips of Reed’s fingers, making him shudder. Two could play this game. “But now I know you’ll be thinking about how good am at whatever that is. Now go get me the receipt book, I want to double check these numbers before I bring this to Lawson.”

Groaning, Reed drew back. “You’re spoiling all my fun.”

“Ayup.” Matt pulled out one of the ledgers Lawson had given him, plunking it on the counter. He kept a copy of everything on his laptop, but he enjoyed using the old fashion system his Dom prefered, too. Keeping everything organized just the way Lawson liked it fulfilled his need to serve when his Dom wasn’t around. “Help me with this, then we can go get started on the rolls for tonight.”

“Shoot, I almost forgot about that.” Reed checked his phone, grinning as he opened the schedule app and showed it to Matt. “We’ve got about half an hour, so we’re good to go.”

After double checking the books, Matt brought the ledger with him back to the club, leaving it on Lawson’s desk before heading into the galley with Reed. They finished meal prep with plenty of time to spare.

A text sounded on his phone and he glanced at it, chewing on his bottom lip when he saw it was from Jamie.

Not the reaction he would’ve had to hearing from the sub a few days ago, which was...actually, kinda cool.

Jamie: You busy, stud? Swing by the dance club when you have a minute.

Stud? Matt frowned, texting back.

Matt: If this is a booty call, yes, I’m busy.

Jamie: lol No, it’s not a booty call. I’d just send you a dick pic.

Elbowing Reed in the ribs when he glanced over and snickered, Matt quickly replied.

Matt: Please don’t.

Jamie: Gotcha. I’ll have Wren take a picture of my ass instead. Now hurry up.

“Pushy fucker.” Matt huffed, stuffing his phone in his pocket. A smile tugged at his lips as it hit him that he wasn’t dreading seeing the other sub again. He was almost...looking forward to the strange little game they were playing. Jamie was too damn good at tripping him up, but like with Reed, Matt had some moves of his own. “Come on, the popstar is summoning us.”

His phone buzzed again and he spat out a laugh as he pulled it out and took in the image of Jamie posing with his jeans undone, lowered to reveal the top curve of his ass, covered in his snug blue boxers.

“Guess there are no Doms around.” Reed bumped against Matt’s side as they crossed the gym. He threw open the door to the dance club. “Last one naked scrubs down the ring at the end of the night!”

Not looking up from his phone, Rhodey grunted. “Glad you volunteered, Tinker Bell. You strip in front of me and call me ‘Uncle’ again and I’m putting you in the stocks for a week.”

It was rare that anything got Reed blushing, but his face was beet red as he quickly shook his head. “Wasn’t gonna. It’s an...inside joke.”

“Stop terrorizing the subs, you big brute.” Jacks gave Rhodey a dry look, then waved Matt and Reed over. “I reworked the design for the uniforms to go with the whole drag theme/disguise idea. Jamie and Danny will be in their usual clothes, but everyone else…” He motioned toward the folding partition that had been set up in the corner. “Come on out, Pike. Tay. Wren.”

Pulling out a stool beside Jamie, Reed on his other side, Matt grinned as Danny put on a sultry song to go along with his Dom’s little fashion show. Pike sauntered out, flipping the strands of the curly, bright pink wig over one shoulder and taking a pose in the middle of the dance floor. With his makeup done, fake lashes on and lips a bright red, he was almost unrecognizable.

The uniform, which Jacks had pegged as industrial-slash-military style, was black with sharp, clean edges and leather accents. The leather ties on the shirt had been loosened to show off Pike’s nonexistent cleavage, and the slacks were now a short skirt.

So short that there was no freakin’ way Matt would ask an actual employee to wear it. But he had to admit, Pike’s legs looked really good. The kitten heels on his shoes were enough to make them look even longer than usual.

Leaning in close, Jamie whispered in Matt’s ear. “I didn’t think I’d be into guys in skirts, but I’m totally into it. You should get Jacks to make you one.”

“You first.” Matt slid Jamie a sideways look, moving his hand to the other sub’s thigh after making sure no one was looking. He smirked when Jamie squirmed. “I think I changed my mind about that pic.”

Jamie sat up a bit straighter as Rhodey glanced over and Matt moved his hand. Hissed under his breath. “You’re evil. I’m gonna make you pay for that.”

Point to me. Matt shrugged, keeping his attention on Pike as he did a little spin on his heels. “Bring it.” He winced as Pike tripped over his own feet, Jacks catching him before he face planted. He spoke loud enough for everyone to hear him this time. “We might have to rethink those heels.”

“Naw, he just needs more practice.” Tay came out next, wearing a sleek purple wig, his heels much higher, his skirt just as short. “I’ll work with him. I’ve almost got Reed strutting around like a pro in six inches.”

“All we need now is a stripper pole.” Matt liked the style, but he was having a hard time seeing the look fitting at the cafe. He hated to spoil the other guys’ fun, though. And Jacks looked so proud of his work.

The Dom surprised him, catching his eye and chuckling. “I love how easy you are to read. Don’t worry, the makeup will be toned down a bit and I have wigs that look more natural.” Jacks nodded toward Wren, who came out quietly, turning slowly as Jacks made a twirling gesture with his hand. “This is what we’re going for.”

Unlike the other two subs, Wren was dressed much more conservatively, his skirt coming down to his knees and black Mary Janes on his feet. His shirt was snugly tied, and he wasn’t wearing any makeup, but the silver horn rimmed glasses replacing his usual ones, and the long bangs sweeping across half of his face, totally worked as a disguise.

“That’s perfect.” Matt sat up, grinning at the Dom. “No one will recognize him. Or Pike. And with all the subs and a few of the Doms?” He glanced over at Jamie. “I think this is really gonna work. We can handle a pretty decent crowd.”

“So I can start promoting the show?” Jamie gave one of his little fist bumps before jumping off the stool. “I’ll send you the song list me and Danny put together. And I think I still have time to order some T-shirts...maybe some posters? Danny, come on, we’ve got a lot to do before the club opens.”

Matt stared after Jamie. “Wait a second, who said anything about T-shirts?”

“You’ll love them! Trust me!” He held up a finger as Danny came out to join him, then slipped behind the partition. When he came out, Matt’s phone buzzed. “Don’t look at that now, you should probably go get the cigar lounge ready for all the fancy members.”

Making a face, Matt nodded for Reed to come with him as he left the dance club. He mumbled under his breath. “One step forward, fifteen back. The cigar lounge isn’t just for ‘fancy members’. It’s just...classier.”

“I think you two have found your own unique kind of foreplay.” Reed gave him a slanted smile as they parted by the door to the cigar lounge. “I can hear it already. ‘Please, sir. If I don’t fuck him, I’m going to strangle him.’”

“Shut up.” Matt shoved Reed toward the bar, shaking his head. “I’m gonna ask permission to strangle you if you keep this up.”

“Promises, promises.” Reed blew him a kiss before ducking into the galley.

Feeling lighter than he had in a while, Matt stepped into the cigar lounge. Breathed in the scents lingering from the high quality cigars and the rich leather of the couches and armchairs positioned around low, dark wood tables.

After doing a quick check to make sure the small bar was well stocked and turning on the quiet, classical music, he poured himself the one glass of bourbon he’d allow himself for the night. Pulled out his phone, brow creasing as he glanced at the video attached to Jamie’s text.

Playing it, his jaw almost hit the bar. The door opening almost had him dropping his phone.

Lawson arched a brow at him. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, sir, it’s just…” Matt shook his head, giving Lawson a hesitant smile. “I’ve made some...progress with Jamie. We’re...getting along. And I don’t see Dayes when I look at him. At all.”

That got him a smile, but there was something in Lawson’s eyes that said he knew Matt was holding something back. His gaze followed Matt as he poured his Dom a drink. “That’s very good to hear. You’re blushing. Is there something you’d like to share with me?”

“I…” Matt chewed on his bottom lip.

He and Jamie had agreed on no confessions without warning each other.

There was nothing to ask permission for. Not yet anyway.

Reaching out, Lawson put his hand over Matt’s. “Are you getting yourself in good trouble?”

All right, that was easy enough to answer. It was a term Jared used sometimes, basically a way to tell his subs they weren’t off their leashes, but they were being given a bit of slack. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I think so.”

“That’s my good boy.” Lawson’s lips curved over the rim of his glass. “Needless to say, I expect one of my subs will always come on top against one of Noah’s. Keeping the peace shouldn’t mean we just let them win, yes?”

“Yes, sir.” Matt blew out a breath, grinning at Lawson. “I shoulda figured you already knew something was going on. But I won’t...I mean...without talking to you first…”

Lawson inclined his head. “I appreciate that, my boy. I also know how much you enjoy these kinds of conversations. Let’s not ruin the fun you’re having by spelling things out. The rules haven’t changed. Don’t get caught. And do try not to break Noah’s boy.” His smile took on a wicked edge. “He’s under the mistaken impression you’ll be the one who won’t know which end is up by the time Jamie’s done with you.”

Choking on his next sip, Matt stared at his Dom. “You’ve been...talking about us?”

“Yes, it was hard not to when we checked the security cameras. Watch out for the ones in the dance club, they’re difficult to avoid.” Lawson took another sip of his whiskey, amusement in his eyes. “You both get one pass and you’ve used it.”

Coming around the bar, Matt slipped up against Lawson’s side, smiling against Lawson’s lips as his Dom claimed a kiss. “You’re cheating.”

“Curtis and Reed have rubbed off on me.” Lawson smoothed his hand down Matt’s back, gripping his ass hard enough to reawaken the fading bruises he’d left there. “And Jamie has been influenced by Noah, so you’ve got quite the challenge ahead of you, my boy.”

That much was obvious. But now that Matt had the green light from his Dom, the gloves were coming off. There was no way he’d let that Toppy popstar one-up him.

Palming his phone, he met Lawson’s eyes as the door to the cigar lounge opened and Doms in dark dress shirts and smooth leathers began filing in. “I just need to send a quick message. Will you be good here for a few?”

“I’ve got this.” Lawson patted his ass. “Go make me proud.”

Weaving through the crowded bar, Matt hesitated by the bathroom doors, then went through the gym instead. Ducked into the locker room, which was still empty. Holding his breath, he played the short clip of Jamie, his dick half hard as he lowered his boxers for the camera, a little smirk on his lips before he kissed the screen.

Phone in front of him, Matt schooled his features into a bored expression before pressing record. “Is that all you’ve got for me? I’m disappointed.” He licked his lips, then undid his jeans. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

If not for the talk with Lawson, there was no way he could go through with this. But now? It was a rush. He stroked himself, letting out a soft moan, imagining the look on Jamie’s face as he watched this. How turned on he’d be. How hard he’d try to pretend he didn’t want to jump Matt the next time he saw him.

Maybe Noah would remind him of the rules too. Which meant he wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it until they were alone.

And he was nowhere near as disciplined as Matt. Keeping his hands to himself would be torture. It was gonna be fun, watching him squirm.

Recalling Danny’s mix up with sending the wrong videos to the entire world, Matt checked to make sure he had only one contact. Took a deep breath, his pulse racing.

And hit SEND.


Part Eleven 


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