Double the Heat Brewed by The Asylum-Part Fourteen


And here we go, the final part of Double the Heat!

I hope you've enjoyed spending some extra time with Matt and all our favourites from The Asylum. Updates will be coming soon for the ebook and print, along with new releases, so stay tuned!

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Responsibility had taken up every part of Matt’s life for as long as he could remember. Sure, being a sub at The Asylum shifted most of the weight, and he didn’t have the same pressure or fear, but it was always in the back of his mind. He made sure to do more than his share, whether it was taking shifts behind the bar, cleaning with Wren so the other sub didn’t have to go back over everything—like he did when Jamie and Reed cleaned—and even chores around the loft.

At the cafe, obviously he was responsible for the place while it was open, but...but…

Those soft fucking lips pressed sweetly to his made it hard to remember why.

It’s your business.

True, but there were a dozen Doms and subs he trusted holding the fort.

Someone might want a fancy drink.

Keiran knew how to make a lot of them, even though he hadn’t mastered the pours. His Doms would probably let him cover for Matt for a bit if it helped distract him from his own apprehension about the restaurant’s grand opening tomorrow.

The timing is terrible.

Yeah, well it wasn’t every fucking day someone was shot in front of him. At least when the image flashed behind his eyelids, the rush of blood pumping down low didn’t give his brain enough fuel to fixate on it.

Lips leaving his, Jamie slid them down his throat, nipping lightly when Matt glanced toward the door.

“Hey, careful.” Matt rose from the empty crate he’d been sitting on to get his neck out of easy reach of those sharp teeth. He shoved at Jamie’s shoulder, hand fisted in the other sub’s shirt to keep him from tripping back because his hot, wiry body felt damn good against him. “No marks.”

Jamie gave him a cheeky grin, gripping Matt’s belt and working it open. “You’re not paying enough attention to me.”

“Okay, demanding much? Your Doms must spoil you fucking rotton.” Matt groaned as Jamie undid his slacks, heated fingers with impossibly soft skin teasing over the head of his dick. “Keep doing that and I won’t get distracted.”

Brow lifted slightly, a hint of Jared’s dry look in his eyes, Jamie wrapped his hand loosely around Matt’s dick, his thumb brushing idly over the tip. “Here I am, trying to be all sweet and supportive, and you’re gonna call me spoiled. Maybe I don’t wanna play with you anymore.”

This whole ‘Topping’ thing is not off to a good start.

Rather than fix the problem, Matt’s brain short circuited a bit at the subtle threat and he made a sound in the back of his throat that most definitely wasn’t a whimper. He tried to work his length into Jamie’s loose grip, but the evil fucker seemed to know exactly how to move to limit the stimulation.

“You’re not spoiled. You’’re…” Matt’s breath caught as Jamie removed his hand completely. “You’re fucking killing me here, man. Uh…” Maybe a complement would help? “With those sexy lips and that goddamn tight little body, how could a Dom resist giving you anything you want? I’ll give you anything you want.”

That got Jamie’s interest. He took hold of Matt’s dick again, gazing up at him with his tongue pressed to his bottom lip. “Like what?”

Hissing through his teeth, Matt couldn’t answer at first. He grabbed Jamie’s wrist when he made like he was gonna let go again, then narrowed his eyes. Topping from the bottom was one thing, but Jamie was intentionally flipping shit on him, leaving him with no control at all.

When it hit him what was going on, he let out a rough laugh and backed Jamie against the closest wall. Holding him there, he sucked on that plump bottom lip, rubbing Jamie through his tight jeans with his free hand as he spoke softly. “You’re cheating. You technically lost, but Noah probably gave you a few tips on how to change that, didn’t he? Tricky little popstar, you almost had me.”

“I still do.” Jamie’s grip tightened on his dick, challenge flashing through his eyes. “Think about it. Wren is a pure bottom, I get tons of practice. I’m betting Reed pounds that nice, round ass every chance he gets and you just play at being vers now and then. Let me fuck you and I promise, you’ll forget your own fucking name.”

This was much better. Something about the interaction felt...right. Like the competitiveness between him and Jamie was being acknowledged in a way they could both enjoy, rather than used to see who could draw the most blood.

And to make it even better? Jamie had him all wrong. Smirking, he raked his fingers into Jamie’s hair, tugging his head back. “You have no idea how wild Reed can get. How much time both my Doms spent showing me how to hold him down once they’re done with him so I can drain the last of that energy once they’re satisfied. How much he likes teasing me with that hot mouth around my dick until I’m pounding him into the floor.”

With every single word, Jamie’s eyes widened a bit more, his breaths coming in little bursts. His hand had stopped moving and his pupils were blown. He made a needy sound when Matt tugged his hair a bit harder. “Please…”

“Better, but I’m enjoying this conversation.” Matt grazed his teeth along Jamie’s jaw, too turned on to give himself a mental high five for regaining the upper hand. Lawson would be proud of how smoothly he’d turned the table on the other sub. “Tell me why you assumed I’d rather bottom? That I didn’t have it in me to take what I won from you.”

“You always seem so...tame. I figured the show in the dungeon was...was…” Jamie tipped his head as Matt licked along the length of his neck. “Just for my benefit.”

Matt made a soft sound of agreement in the back of his throat, continuing to rub Jamie through his jeans, making him squirm. “In a way it was. Me and Reed don’t usually need props.” He undid Jamie’s shirt, dipping down to tug a nipple ring with his teeth. He pinched the other between his finger and thumb, using his experience with how Reed liked his toyed with to draw a sharp cry from Jamie’s lips.

Another tug had Jamie twisting away, then back, like it was almost too much. With Jared as one of his Doms, he was used to some sadistic play, but he probably needed to be in the right headspace, and Matt didn’t know how to get him there.

He trusted Jamie to tell him if he went too far, though, so he gave the ring another tug as he straightened, holding his gaze. “You thought I’d be easy, didn’t you? I should make you pay for that.”

Mouth forming a wide O, Jamie shook his head. Nodded. Then groaned, jerking at the next tug. “I have to be tied up for stuff like that, man. If...if you force me to take it it’s like…” He let out a breathless laugh. “Well, you know. I’ve never tried Topping Wren like that, but maybe you’ve got more experience than me. Fuck, you must, you’ve been doing this longer. I don’t know how I forgot.”

Letting out a real fake sympathetic noise, Matt ran the nails on his thumbs lightly over Jamie’s nipples, using the nipple rings trapped between his fingers to keep him right where he wanted him. He didn’t play with Reed like that, but letting Jamie believe he did could come in handy.

“Mhm, I’ve been doing this a long time. And Reed loves pain.” Another little twist drew a strangled noise from Jamie. “Either I can keep this up or you can get on your knees.”

The second Matt let go of his nipples, Jamie dropped to his knees. Just like that, the power struggle between them was over. Inhaling roughly, Matt braced his hands on the wall, closing Jamie in with his body as those slick lips practically made for sucking dick slid over him. Bowing his head, he stifled a moan against his arm as Jamie took him in all the way.

He needed to lose himself to this moment, to let it wash away the horror of what he’d seen and his own reaction, but part of him was still aware of the cafe full of customers on the other side of that door.

Thank fuck Curtis insisted making the door extra thick and solid. I’ll have to thank him again...and again…

The way Jamie bobbed his head, teasing the underside of his cock with expert strokes, had Matt spiralling toward release much too fast. Tightening his thigh muscles and fisting his hand in Jamie’s hair, he took over the motion so he could ease himself from the brink.

Gazing up at him, Jamie smiled around his dick, sliding his tongue under the ridge at the head, working it a bit like Reed sucked on both his lollipops and when he was allowed any control during blowjobs. It wouldn’t be a shock to learn that was exactly why Jamie was doing it. He’d watched Reed tease all of them with those damn candies.

What would it be like to have both Reed and Jamie on their knees for him?

Not helping you not come, dude.

Slipping past Jamie’s lips, then easing in, Matt couldn’t get the image out of his head. He was dangerously close to the edge again.

I wonder if it would be weird for them. Jamie’s like...his pseudo-stepfather.

Okay, that was a bit better. Matt wasn’t into that kinda stuff, and the awkwardness had him dismissing the idea.


He tugged Jamie to his feet, grabbing a tablecloth from an open box and bringing it to the crate. Snapping the cloth over the wood—thank fuck for all those fancy service sub lessons—he laid Jamie on it and leaned over him. “Does Reed ever call you ‘Daddy’? I bet that must fuck with you.”

Dude!” Jamie snorted against Matt’s hand over his mouth, nodding to say he understood they had to keep quiet, his breaths sharp and shallow as Matt peeled his jeans down his thighs. “Not really, but he’s brought it up. Doesn’t bug me...really. He’s hot. I won’t fuck him, or let him fuck me, but...I can watch without it being weird.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Matt plucked his wallet out of his pocket, flipping it open. His brow furrowed when he found it empty. Since neither him or Reed got in the ring anymore or slept with anyone outside their quad, they hadn’t bothered with condoms for a while. Jamie didn’t fight or play with random Doms, so maybe it wasn’t a big deal? His dick pulsed at the thought. “How raw can you take it?”

For a split second, lust and need flared so hot in Jamie’s eyes, Matt was ready to go with just the precum beading on the tip of his dick and a handful of spit. But then Jamie shook his head. “Not happening, Amateur Hour. I asked Noah to do that once. It was hot, but...let’s just say not getting anything for two weeks after taught me a new love and respect for lube. Check my wallet, always come prepared.”

“I’m not a fucking amateur.” While fishing through Jamie’s wallet with one hand, Matt sucked his thumb into his mouth, getting it nice and wet. He pressed it between Jamie’s spread thighs, against his hole, easing in just the tip to get that smug look off Jamie’s face. “Reed got all cocky about winning a bet once. I cornered him in the locker room with Lawson and Curtis just on the other side of the lockers and made him come, just like this. Didn’t even have to undo his jeans. He made such a fucking mess.”

“Matt, I really want you to fuck me. Right now.” Jamie panted, undulating his hips to fuck himself on Matt’s thumb. He whined when Matt withdrew the digit and took his time opening the lube pack he’d found. “I never torture Wren like this.”

Slicking up his dick, happy that it was on his side again and not ready to go off as soon as he got near the other sub, Matt bent down to kiss along Jamie’s inner thigh. “Then you’re missing out.”

They might not know it yet, but Matt had a feeling both Reed and Wren were gonna get some benefits from this. Jamie would be determined to be a better lover to Wren than Matt was to Reed and knowing their co-subs had their own side thing going on meant they might be comparing notes.

Maybe stop giving away all the trade secrets then?

Laughing at himself, Matt removed his thumb and lowered himself over Jamie, kissing him as he positioned the head of his dick against that tight hole. Jamie latched on to his shoulders, his back arching as Matt slowly penetrated him, working the head of his cock in and out until those blunt, manicured nails dug into his shoulders.

Grunting at the sharp pain, he slammed in deep, growling against Jamie’s ear. “What didn’t you understand about no marks?”

“You gonna punish me for it?” Jamie’s taunt lost some impact with how he was gasping and grinding against him, his desperate need to hang on to the last tendrils of control spurring Matt to drag out and drive into him hard enough to shift the large crate. Drawing his knees up, Jamie opened himself to Matt even more, sweat beading on his brow as his green eyes dared Matt to do his worst.

Or his best.

Right now, they were one and the same.

Latching on to Jamie’s hips, Matt lifted him to receive every pounding thrust, the slaps of their slick flesh echoing through the storage room. He pistoned in and out, finding a rhythm, an angle that had Jamie making jerky cries each time their bodies slammed together. Letting go of one leg, he brought his hand up to cover his mouth. He hooked his calf behind Matt’s thighs, urging him on.

Harder, faster, Matt dug his fingers into Jamie’s skin, forgetting his own rules about not leaving marks. All that smooth, lightly tanned skin on that tight, lithe body was driving him a bit out of his mind. Most of the men he’d been with had his more solid form, Reed just a bit thinner but just as toned. If Matt didn’t know how rough Jamie could take it from both Noah and Jared—hell, and Curtis—he’d be worried about breaking him.

But he could feel the strength of the man under him. Could tell Jamie would give back as good as he got, given the chance.

Maybe, one day, Matt would let him prove it.

Sweat sticking his shirt to him, half his attention on the door in case they got any unexpected visitors, Matt wasn’t prepared when Jamie gripped him tight with his inner muscles, his thighs locked against Matt’s hips. His muffled cry was followed by a shudder, cum shooting from his dick without it even being touched, pearly white on his skin.

The sight of it stole the last of Matt’s restraint. He drew out, his fist barely closing around his dick before he added to the mess, pleasure barelling over him like a train off the fucking tracks, tearing up the earth in its path.

Pure bliss flowed over him, a bit of tenderness for the man he’d have sooner have lit himself on fire than kiss even a week ago. Gently lowering Jamie’s hips to the crate. He kissed his stomach, tasting himself and the other sub’s release. He glanced up when Jamie twitched, then smirked and licked up every shiny drop.

Then he brought his lips to Jamie’s so he could enjoy the salty flavour, smiling as Jamie pressed a hand to his chest, like he wanted to feel his heartbeat slow as they both came back down to earth.

“Wow.” Jamie let out a happy sigh, arching like a cat and climbing half over Matt as he sat on the edge of the crate. He nuzzled his face into the curve of Matt’s neck. “I knew it would be hot, no matter what, but…” Another sigh. “You learned how to be nice to me.”

Kissing the top of Jamie’s head, Matt shrugged. “Yeah, well that’s pretty easy when you’re begging for my dick.”

Jamie slapped his arm. “And now you’re back to jerk-zone.”

“Am not.” Matt landed a solid smack on Jamie’s bare ass. “And I told you to stop hitting me unless you want it back.”

That got him a naughty smile as Jamie peeked up at him. “I know, I wanted to see if you’d actually do it.”

“You’re so weird. Don’t try and turn me into another Dom to add to your collection, it ain’t happening.” Matt let his arm rest around Jamie, half reclined on the crate, enjoying the after-sex buzz. He sighed as he heard some noise beyond the rear entrance of the cafe. “That’s probably one of Rhodey’s goons, getting rid of the body.” A chill crawled down his spine and he held Jamie a bit tighter.

Jamie patted his chest. “It might be Lawson, he’s done that kind of work before because of all his connections.”

“ don’t really think…?” Matt wanted to tell Lawson what had happened, but he didn’t want his Dom cleaning up his mess. Whatever work Lawson was doing for Vani lately seemed to be all business related. Matt didn’t like it, but he trusted Lawson to be careful. To come home to him.

He’d still come home to him after dealing with bodies, but...he knew Lawson. His husband didn’t consider lives as disposable as Rhodey did, he hadn’t hardened to that point.

But he might if he kept being put in that position.

“It’s not Lawson. Quint’s taking care of it.”

Matt jumped, almost knocking Jamie off the crate as he looked up to the top of one of the built-in shelves where Avery was sitting, balancing a knife on the tip of his finger.

“How long have you been there? Fuck, Avery.” Matt ground his teeth as he tugged his slacks up with one hand and flipped the tablecloth over Jamie to cover him. “Boundaries much?”

“I waited until you were done, don’t worry.” Avery kept his focus on his knife, not seeming the least bit bothered by Matt’s sharp tone. “Rhodey said to make sure you didn’t go back out there. I figured you might try to when you were finished fucking. Keiran said you’d cuddle.” His lips twitched up at the edges. “He’s so sappy, I love it. But I was right.”

Groaning, Jamie slumped back on the crate, both hands over his face. “So everyone knows?”

Avery flipped his knife up in the air and made a sweeping motion with his hand, tucking it away somewhere out of sight. Grinning, he jumped soundlessly down from the shelf. “You’ll have to work on the whole ‘sneaky’ thing. Soon as the cafe was closed, everyone started paying off their wagers.” He patted his pocket. “I have enough for that fancy induction wok Keiran’s been eyeing. It’ll be the perfect gift for his grand opening tomorrow.”

“So happy we could be of service.” Matt rolled his eyes as he tossed Jamie his clothes, a smile tugging at his lips when Jamie snickered. The core was just being the core and it was...kinda cool, things not being all uncomfortable. It wasn’t like this could be a secret with Lawson and Noah hedging their own bets. But still, even though he wasn’t a Dom, he needed to make sure Jamie was feeling okay after everything. He caught Jamie’s hand before he could head to the front. Studied his face. “You good?”

Jamie grinned, hopping over and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I really am. I don’t know what Noah’s gonna do to me for losing, but I’m looking forward to it. how freaky kinky things are here and...and that you’re part of it now with me instead of someone I wanna avoid in the morning, you know?”

Rubbing the back of his neck, Matt nodded. “I do. And I’m sorry about that. If a few orgasms will make up for it, let me know. It’ll be tough, forcing myself to—” He grunted when Jamie playfully punched him in the stomach. “We’re cool, that’s all that matters.”

“Yes, we are.” Jamie took a bracing breath before striding through the doors.

When there was no sound of applause or any other strange reaction from the members still hanging around, Matt followed.

Around the cafe, the subs were hard at work cleaning and only Dallas, Jacks, and Shea were left to watch over them all. Everyone seemed worn out, but happy, reminding Matt of one thing he hadn’t considered after what had happened in the back lot.

The Roadhouse Cafe was a huge success. With Jamie’s help, not only had he pulled off an awesome event, but he’d gotten a chance to enjoy things without working himself to the bone. If he found a few employees he could rely on, he could have this and still spend time at The Asylum when it was open. Or hang out with Reed. Check out Curtis’s latest projects. Have date nights with Lawson.

For a while, the idea of success had been the business, but it was so much more. It was...accomplishing this goal without losing all that he’d already gained. He’d wanted Lawson to be proud of him, but...he was proud of himself too. Dead body aside, his past hadn’t tripped him up for long. He’d gotten to the root of one of his biggest issues. He’d strengthened old connections and built new ones.

He was exhausted, but it felt...really good.

That might be the sex. The sex was...pretty awesome.

Wig tucked in the back pocket of the jeans he’d changed into, feet in sneakers instead of heels, Reed came over and wrapped his arms around Matt. He kissed him, then flicked his tongue over Matt’s bottom lip. “Mmm, I love it when you’re fucking dirty. Please tell me I get all the details.”

Heat spread over Matt’s cheeks. “Uh, yeah, won’t be weird? Jamie’s like your—”

“Step-daddy? Oh, I know.” Reed nipped his bottom lip. “And apparently he’s delicious.”

Bumping into Matt’s side, Pike wiggled his eyebrows. “Can I try?”

“No, I’m not a fucking buffet.” Matt pressed his hand to Pike’s forehead, trying and failing not to laugh when Pike wiggled his tongue at him. “Guys, for real, I don’t know how to thank you enough. I thought the cafe being connected to The Asylum would...I don’t know, make things harder. I thought no one would show up. But they did and you did and…” He was so not the big speech type. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he lifted his shoulders. “Anyway, I appreciate it.”

“Noah always says this is what family does.” Jamie went over to Wren, taking off his wig and using his fingers to fix his hair. “It’s more obvious when it’s like, rescuing me and Curtis from a deserted island, but it’s stuff like this, too.”

“And it was really good for me and Jamie. It gave us a way to connect with the fans without all the craziness.” Danny started for the door, holding one of Matt’s cleaners and sounding a bit distracted. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to talk to Jared. This is bad.”

“Oh boy.” Jacks exchanged a look with Shea, opening the door for Danny before he could walk into it and guiding him to the sidewalk. “Danny, that poison warning is on most cleaners. It’s fine.”

“It’s really not, sir. I don’t want to upset you, but I need a professional opinion.”

Shea groaned. “You’re lucky Jared does it for free or I’d be paying double the insurance.”

“Connor’s paying your insurance, stop complaining.” Jacks shoved Shea as they crossed the street behind their sub. “It’s not unreasonable for Danny to speak to a doctor about his concerns.”

Shoving him back, Shea huffed. “I didn’t say it was, stop trying to make me into the mean Dom.”

“You are the mean Dom.”

“He has Rhodey!”

“And Rhodey’s all sweet with him.”

“I can be sweet.”


Locking up, Matt shook his head, exchanging a look with Dallas. “How has Rhodey not killed them both and just taken Danny for himself?”

Dallas’ lips slanted. “Rhodey finds the strangest things entertaining. They’re lucky that includes them.”

Before letting Wren take a step, Dallas surveyed the streets, put his hand to his ear and nodded. He kept Pike close while Keiran hovered over Wren and Jamie. Avery had disappeared, probably up on one of the roofs making sure everything was clear.

Patting Matt on the shoulder, Tay gave him a smart salute before turning toward the street that led to the small ‘downtown’ area where he lived with Sin above the tattoo parlor. It was getting late, but Tay seemed to come and go as he pleased, without worrying about anything.

Which...might not be the best idea in the world. He was getting a bit closer to the core, but unlike the rest of them, he didn’t have anyone to watch over him. Sin was cool—when he wasn’t fucking Matt’s little brother and messing shit up between him and Ezran—but he seemed to go from protective of his mentee to completely hands-off.

This seemed to be a hands-off week, because the dude had been pretty MIA.

“Hey, Tay?” Matt called out, stopping Tay in the middle of the empty street. “Why don’t you stay the night? You did a lot. Hang out and relax.”

Tay looked tempted for a second, but then he shook his head. “I got a consult for a tattoo in the morning and...this is y’alls thing, man. I was happy to help, don’t think nothin’ of it.”


“I’ll catch you next week.” Tay fluffed up his wig a little, then gave a little smile. “It’s been a funny sort of day, hasn’t it?”

Lips pressed together, Matt tried to place the vaguely familiar quote. He’d noticed as Tay got more relaxed around the core, he’d been sharing his love of movies. He even knew some of the classic musicals Jamie was into, but it was the impressions he did that were tons of fun.

Somehow, he seemed both outgoing and a bit shy. He loved cosplay, but when anyone suggested he talk to Jacks about getting something made he’d find somewhere else to be.

Of all the core members, Tay seemed most comfortable with Jared, which was odd. Unless Jared had a competition going with Rhodey on who could collect the most subs.

Wouldn’t be the weirdest thing around here.

“Shaun of the Dead.” Speaking up behind him, Wren glanced over at Tay. “That’s the movie.”

“You got it!” Tay shot finger guns at Wren, then waved before taking off at a jog, his Mary Janes clicking off the pavement. “Later!”

Matt’s lips thinned and he was tempted to go after the guy himself, but he noticed Dallas’ subtle gesture, then movement on the roof of the restaurant. The Dom was sending Avery to make sure Tay got home safely.

Letting out the breath he’d been holding, Matt continued with the other subs to The Asylum, relaxing as he stepped into the bar.

Until he saw the unreadable look Noah was giving Jamie.

Crooking his finger, Noah motioned Jamie to him, lifting him up and setting him on his knee. He clucked his tongue when Jamie shifted uncomfortably. “My poor little cat. Did the big mean sub leave my boy a little sore?”

“Not in a bad way, sir.” Jamie was blushing, but he didn’t hesitate to answer. “It was...I tried your tricks, but they didn’t work.”

His own face flaming, Matt went around the bar to see why Jared was inspecting Danny’s hands, the bottle of cleaner on the bartop in front of them.

“It’s harsher than the cleaners we usually use here. Next time, put on some gloves, my little Despereaux.” Jared brushed a hand over Danny’s hair. “It dried out your skin a little, but lotion will help with that.”

Jacks held out his hand to Shea. “I told you it wasn’t nothing.”

“Fuck off, dry skin isn’t a medical condition.” Shea gestured at Jacks with his beer. “I’m not being insensitive. And I’m not signing over my paycheck so you can get more llama wool.”

“It’s alpaca, you brute!”

“If the two of you don’t contain yourselves, I’m stealing Danny for the night and tending to him myself.” Jared’s tone was dry, but he winked at Danny when neither of the younger Doms was looking. “He has a sensitivity to certain soaps and is allergic to others. His Doms should be aware of that and help him avoid such things.”

Both Jacks and Shea blinked, then ditched their bickering. Shea grabbed the bottle of cleaner and started reading the ingredients while Jacks came around the bar and listened attentively as Jared explained what lotion to use.

Danny probably didn’t need all this fussing, but Matt liked seeing him taken care of. And he liked Jared a whole lot more when he was being all tender and understanding with the sub. Having two inexperienced Doms, and Rhodey, had to be a bit weird. Sure, they were getting better, but Jared seemed to add that extra bit of calm and security.

After such a hectic—awesome as it was—day, all the subs could probably use a bit of extra TLC from their Doms.

Shifting his focus back to Jamie and Noah, Matt frowned when Jamie’s voice rose.

“Two weeks? But, sir, that will kill me. Literally.” Jamie slumped back dramatically against Noah’s chest. “You can only take edging so far before it becomes a cruel and unusual punishment.”

Noah made a thoughtful sound. “Would you like to use your safeword?”

“Can I safeword into orgasms?” Jamie rose up, straddling Noah’s lap and wrapping his arms around the back of his Dom’s neck. “Cherrycherrycherry.”

Exchanging a look with Reed, Matt snorted, then motioned to let him know he was heading up. Before he reached the stairs he heard Wren asking Jared about the effects of different kinds of acid on skin and glanced over to see Jacks covering Danny’s ears and singing.

A grin on his lips, Matt double timed it up the stairs. Lawson was probably asleep, but there was nothing Matt wanted more right now than to be near him. To hear his soft breaths as he slept, his slow, steady heartbeat. No matter how wild things could be, he could get through it all, so long as every night ended with him in Lawson’s arms.

Stepping into the loft, Matt stopped short when he heard voices. He didn’t bother taking off his shoes when he heard who it was.

Rising from the chair where he’d been sitting across from Lawson, Garet flashed him a broad grin. “Hey, bro. My flight was delayed, so I didn’t get to surprise you at the cafe like I wanted to, but…” He grunted when Matt pulled him in for a rough hug. “Surprise!”

“It’s awesome to see you.” Matt leaned back to inspect his brother. An inch taller than him now, his build more slender, but he looked healthy. He’d been eating well, sleeping well from the looks of it, and he seemed happy. Everything Matt had hoped for. But he might be missing something. “Do you need money? How are your courses going? Do you want something to drink?”

“Dude, you and Lawson set up a whole account for me, I’m good.” Garet ducked his head. “But, uh, I brought my laundry. There’s some stains I can’t get out and I figured...if you don’t mind…”

Matt shook his head and smiled. Laundry was good. His brother still needed him. still needs me.

Hugging Garet tighter, Matt did his best to keep his tone level. “I can take care of that for you, no problem, kid. You gonna stick around for a bit?”

“I have a few days off, so if you don’t mind me crashing in a guest room or something?”

“Not at all.” Lawson squeezed Garet’s shoulder. “Let’s get you set up. After being stuck in the airport all day I imagine you could use some rest.”

Renewed energy had Matt putting fresh sheets on the guest room bed, making his brother some of his favorite ‘sleepy time’ tea, and hovering to see if there was anything else he could do before Lawson gently led him to their own bedroom.

After taking over and changing Matt into a comfortable pair of pajamas, Lawson laid down and drew him in so his head was rested on his Dom’s chest.

In the quiet of the dark room, Matt spoke in a whisper. “He’s...he’s really okay. With everything that’s happened, I wasn’t sure he would be, but...he’s finally got his shit together.”

“Yes.” Lawson smoothed his hair back. “But even when he doesn’t, he knows who to go to. Who will always be there for him. No matter what, my boy, you’ll always be his big brother.”

“I think...I might’ve forgotten what that meant. What I still have to offer.” Matt snuggled in a little closer. “I did the best that I could then. Part of me knows that. But I realized...I’m not that scared teen anymore. I’m not that man who had no future. And I still have a lot to offer.”

Claiming his lips, Lawson made a sound of approval. “I always knew, but I’ve been patiently waiting for you to see it for yourself.”

“Was messing around with Jamie part of it?”

Lawson chuckled and shook his head. “No, that was something else entirely, but I expect full details in the morning. Over coffee.”

“Only if you don’t put me on orgasm denials like Noah’s doing to Jamie.”

“Are we negotiating?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well, you may have all the orgasms you’d like.” Lawson’s lips brushed his cheek. “And many, many more.”

Matt had a feeling he was gonna regret this in all the best ways, but he wouldn’t worry about that now. Or the other thing he was carefully blocking out for when he had his next homework session.

There had been one thing holding him back since his first day at The Asylum. Something he hadn’t realized was still an issue until a light was shining on those old scars.

He’d made his mother a promise to take care of Garet. No matter what he’d told himself for so long, he hadn’t failed.

I’m not done yet, Mom.

Closing his eyes, he imagined her, smiling down at him.

And I never will be.


  1. Wow! Such a perfect ending both hot and sweet

  2. A SHAUN OF THE DEAD QUOTE 🤩🤩🤩🤩 But seriously, this was a perfect look into the core and their dynamics, loved it ❤

  3. Perfect ending! Matt is so sweet and I'm happy Garet is there just when he really needed him the most.


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